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  1. Which engine oil are you using for your Exige?

    There is run-in service coming soon for my 390 and I wanted to ask here if you just put their branded/recommended one or you bring something better with you?
    I assume I will be doing mostly road driving with 4-5 trackdays yearly.

  2. On 31/12/2021 at 01:50, DangerousDave said:

    I have a hardtop car so there are more parts required to make the softtop work but still thats alot more......

    This was dealers response

    This is for the complete kit with labour taxes and we need to remove, do a special cut on the car  etc

    That seems crazy. Like others have stated, cut is really simple and clips are cheap. My dealer priced labour time to 220 eur (tax included) or less to do the conversion.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    Out of interest, why are you so hung up about having exactly the same as OEM sizes?

    A small variation in width or sidewall is going to have virtually no effect on tyre performance or speedometer accuracy. 

    In my country it's not allowed to drive on non-homologated tire sizes. I am not even allowed to put 285s on 390 FE as it's been only homologated for 265s. Quite few countries in Europe follow similar rules.

    You would fail our version of MOT (but there is no MOT for first 4 years), however if police stops you and check tires (they sometimes do if they are picky) you can get request to take car to MOT as they assume it's not road worthy.

  4. 19 minutes ago, jimichanga said:

    there are still people waiting for final editions to be finished are those the last cars by chassis number or something then?

    Do they thou? I would have guessed that all cars are done and some people are waiting for them to get shipped overseas or leave the storage facility. I might be wrong thou.

  5. Thanks for feedback everyone. I drove 300km in few days, PPF got installed, lowered seat rails for "tactical lizard" made my seating position much better.

    And today I've removed lower cowl to find exhaust flap connector, it was there and by touching two pins together with a wire TFT screen shown "exhaust open" text.  Looks like I got lucky. Engine sounded brutal when softly reving it in a garage. Video for proof :)
    However I would like to add that after starting the car I have yellow wrench light showing up on dash and disapperaring after 10s. I guess it didn't like my fidling with wire too much, I think it just needs to be cleared as I probably did a bit too many open-closes in short time. I will be ordering OEM switch.

    On the other note, I've checked TFT settings and I found out there is TRACK & GPS setting disabled. That gives me some hope there will be software update possible to add that.





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  6. This week when I left the car at shop to do PPF, install radio and change seat rails to lower ones, they scratched aluminium panels a bit. They pointed at the issue straight away. I'm not too fussed about and they are really apologetic and they want to make things right. Is there any way of fixing this or making it less obvious? Or should I just forget?

    It's on driver side, but you really can't see it if you aren't looking for it, so I'm willing to just let it go.



  7. I'm quite tall, 189cm. When I sit normally in a comfortable driving position there is only one finger of space between my leg and steering wheel on the left (window side), while there is 3 fingers of space on the right. It doesn't bother me while driving, but it's a thing that I noticed. The seats are a bit wide, so I found myself moving to the left a bit. I never had to do that in any previous car. I think mostly my height is the issue here.

    I think it will be helpful when I drop the seat down a bit, I already have Tactical Lizards's rails at home.

  8. Looks like my car will be ready next week for pickup, Lotus factory has sent new non-blackpack parts and they are being these days. Do you have any beginner advices for new owner? 
    It's going to be my first Lotus (I've only driven one Elise few years ago, I've never seen Exige in real life). It's going to be my first >200hp car. Sadly it's going to be parked in public, but quite empty and secure parking garage till the house gets finished (approx 1 year). I bought a cover for it (Stormforce). How is battery management during winter? I'm going to drive it winter a bit, but only with nice weather and when there is not too much salt out there. It's going to get PPFed in first month.


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