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  1. On 28/06/2021 at 13:50, Don't Be Foolish said:

    Thanks to Mark and Gerard for your kind comments. Here’s another one when I wasn’t being quite as brave (i.e. not hanging out of the window as far) with a few iPad effects added.


    That’s a great picture, and your car looks superb in that colour and finish. Just lovely.

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  2. Thanks very much @BrianK - I’ll look into that.

    There certainly is a ticking from the binnacle, which I’d put down to a snapped speedo cable (the car eats speedo cables for breakfast and really needs a new speedo) - but it could easily be the brake booster check valve.

    Or both, of course 😊

    Also - you know how I said the coolant leak was fixed?

    It had another little accident today.


    Sigh. Maybe I need to let it out last thing at night. That works with Keith the dog.

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  3. On 12/06/2021 at 06:48, GerardJPC said:

    Maybe next year.  I reckon that the car needs an engine rebuild and maybe a refurb of the rear suspension.  Then it will need a retrim and paint, and new tyres.  Hey ho!

    You and I have spent the last four years locked in the world’s slowest race to get our wedges up to where we want them, which is to say just on the louche side of respectable.

    I think I’m currently ahead by half a nose but I wouldn’t bet against you making a surge.

  4. By way of an update on this, I’m still trying to work out whether it’s really leaking coolant or if I just forced some out using the pressure tester.

    The hose from the pressure cap on the header tank isn’t connected to anything - it just drains out somewhere around the front of the engine.

    On a normal - sorry, lesser - car, it would drain to an expansion tank and then drain back when the system pressure drops again. But my Elite doesn’t have an expansion tank - is this normal? ‘Added lightness’ at work?

    I’ll do some more driving over the next few days and throw up another video soon. So far all the footage is of me scratching my head, which makes for rubbish telly.

    Here’s a photo in the meantime.



  5. 10 hours ago, GerardJPC said:

    I have driven this car and it is very fine!

    Sadly my Eclat has been in a barn as an untouched project for three years now, and each time it gets to the top of the queue I buy another old Italian or BL car and the poor Eclat has to wait again, but I will get there eventually.

    Well, at least the bodywork isn’t rusting 😊

    Your Eclat is a very fine thing. One day we’ll get the two together, both shiny and working. One day.

  6. Thanks Tony, that’s extremely wise advice.

    10 hours ago, Tony D said:


    I'd just warn about doing a home based "engine out / rewire" unless your very disciplined with your time management. Many have started this sort of work, but just keep finding "one more job " and a month becomes 6 months, then a year and - we'll you can guess the rest. Ask me how I know. - then the good work you've already invested in goes backwards 😩😭

    I am very badly disciplined indeed with my time management, it’s almost certainly my greatest weakness.

    In fact, have we met? Were we married once?

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  7. I’m at something of a crossroads with this car now. It runs fine for the most part but has a pretty significant coolant leak. The radiator is well past its best, but it also seems to be leaking quite profusely from the join between the block and the main bearing panel, which is interesting. (Video on that coming up, probably next week.)

    It also needs repainting. Aside from being an unappealing colour, the paint finish is atrocious: it not only flakes off, it washes off.  


    I really want to put it back to the original Lagoon Blue metallic, which is just lovely:

    (Photo shamelessly stolen from the internet — if it’s yours then I apologise unreservedly, and btw your car is stunning.)

    The interior is mostly not bad. It seems pretty original apart from some slightly eccentric modifications in the form of odd switches and a randomly relocated (and broken) choke knob. It was specced in vinyl throughout, which has a rather horrid texture, especially on the seats. I’m more of a velour man myself when it comes to seats, and the driver’s one needs re-stuffing.


    So what to do next? Dave at Lotusbits wisely said that before doing any serious restoration I should drive it around and make sure I like it: I have and I do.

    I have some money (not unlimited) and potentially some time; I can make indoor working space; I have an engine crane, a tilter and assorted tools. I don’t have a paint booth. I also have a queue of other cars needing my attention.

    I think my options are:

    1. Send it off to Lotusbits (when they have a slot), say ‘send me the bill when it’s all done’, then bite on a towel;

    2. Take the engine out and take it somewhere to have the bottom end sorted out (assuming it doesn’t just need the bolts torqued up a bit), and while I’m about it strip the car down for painting and rewiring;

    3. As 1 or 2 but without the strip down, and live with the shonky look. It’s not as if it’s going to get rusty (the chassis is a good galvanised one, by the way).

    I’m open-minded and mulling it over.

    Any opinions welcome.

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