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  1. Yes they will make them as needed. Price is not too bad at $550-600 pounds depending on colour and tint but its the price of shipping from the UK that I cant stomach.
  2. Thanks for that drdoom.I did contact them and they will make one but the problem is they want $600(pounds) just for the shipping !
  3. Hello,does anyone know of a supplier in North America for Esprit Windshields? Specfically for a 1995 S4. Thank you,
  4. Thanks Bibs! that would be great if possible.cheers!
  5. Hello All, I have not been on any forums for many years nor really driven my Esprit S4 all that much.I hope to change that this year. I used to post here under the name "zipbyu" but dont use the email address anymore or remember my password. I remember this being a great community and hope that I may contribute something useful. Thank You,Elie
  6. Hi Guys, My neighbour is restoring an 84 Turbo Esprit and is having trouble fitting the windscreen.Is there a trick to installing the side trims? Thanks for any help Elie
  7. Yes I'm in the Toronto area,actually about an hour west down the highway.The Toronto club is having a run in this area October 13.Its amazing how many new Lotus owners we get to meet every year.If you're ever out this way let me know,its always nice to speak Loti with fellow enthusiasts.
  8. Gorgeous colour Felix! Enjoy those Newfie roads
  9. Very cool ! Where was this John?
  10. Another option is to fit a newer Lotus Elise/Exige wheel on the car.If you can find a used one with airbag it would be fairly inexpensive.The custom install kit including hub is about $300.
  11. Thanks Sanj, It was your article that helped me remove the binnacle.I want to remove the cluster and recover the plastic replica carbon fiber with something better.Its starting to show its age. I will have to look harder for the two bottom nuts. Cheers, Elie
  12. Thanks Simon.I have read that but it doesn't explain how to remove the gauge cluster on the newer cars.It seems like I might have to remove the three panels seperately and completely apart from each other.
  13. Has anyone removed the instrument gauge panel in a 1995 S4? I have removed the binnacle and 2 nuts on the sides but it feels like something in the center still feels tight.What am I missing? Thanks in advance, Elie
  14. Hello, Would anyone know the hose diameter needed to add a Blow Off Valve to an Esprit S4?This is the rubber T- pipe that would fit between the chargecooler and pipe.I've been told that the non chargecooled car is 55mm but I'm not sure if there is a difference with the S4. Thanks, Elie
  15. I only have experience with BMW dual mass flywheels and with them there is about 1/2" play side to side.The main thing is to feel a resistance at the end of the play,thats the dampening of the flywheel.If it hits hard at the end of the play then its not working properly. The play at the shaft sounds normal. To clean the gearbox any engine shampoo or degreaser would work well. Hope that helps.
  16. Hey Guys, Anyone heading to the British car show in Oakville next weekend?I believe its on the 18th. Cheers, Elie
  17. It sounds correct.The newer BMWs do run fairly high pressure with the runflats.You can run 36 in the rear and 34 in the front without any real issues though.
  18. Riots in China over human rights.Riots in Greece over austerity measures and riots in Canada over a hockey game. We do love our hockey
  19. Bibs, That would be awesome! Should I email you with details or do I wait for Lotus to email back ? Thanks so much.
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