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  1. That's a fair point, and my apologies for pestering. Maybe if 'new Lotus' grew up and accepted they need to provide customer service and not just cars that look a bit like Ferrari's people wouldn't ask those that appear to have some inside knowldedge for more info what the hell is going on.
  2. That looks like a Fire Red as well, I wonder if that's the one I'm waiting on. Just out of interest @David Standing do you know what parts were causing the delay?
  3. Nice, mine is definitely delayed, again. Was due this week 38, originally due week 26, no idea when it may turn up. The dealer did get in touch this time though to let me know. Lotus are still totally unwilling to do anything to 'soften the blow of delays' still. With previous delayed cars I've had full services or even insurance thrown in.
  4. Not sure, but great to see he removed the starter motor to add lightness
  5. ... Stands back and waits for those with their sense of humour labotomies to respond...
  6. How are managing to find out the status? Mine also due next week, but apart from a letter of apology from Lotus for the delay I’ve heard nothing. Total radio silence from my dealer.
  7. I asked about swapping the Cup 4S for Cup 2 on delivery on my 390 and Lotus said no because of homologation problems. Physically the 410/430 tyres will fit as they're the same wheels across the FE range.
  8. The video was interesting in what wasn’t mentioned. Endless mentions of “looks” fast, “looks” agile, “looks” like a super car. Only mention of performance was “it’s got super car looks and sports car performance”. I also notice the sub 4.5s claim to 60 has been removed from the website. My 2p is that the Emira is a cash creating stop gap, it’s been designed for mass market appeal until they produce an EV, which will no doubt have supercar looks and potentially hyper car performance. It’s certainly pretty, and has many features that will have huge mass market appeal, many people are loving the looks and don’t seem that fussed about the performance. It’s selling well and will keep Lotus going whilst they get on with the inevitable EV future. I expect at that point they really will nail it.
  9. Just found this Interesting hangar111 was on the list. Looks like there is a push to go mainstream. But to be honest, if this means the dealership network starts treating customers properly and professionally, it's probably a good thing.
  10. Was just having an idle glance at the Lotus website, and on the Emira page is the strapline... "NOT JUST ANOTHER SPORTS CAR. THE OTHER SPORTS CAR" If the Emira is 'the other sportscar', then what is the other other one? I may be just being dim, but I'm not quite sure I get it. Do they mean "The sports car"?
  11. It seems to be week 38, so end of September and then a few weeks for the dealers to faff a out, so most likely end of October.
  12. You know you want to!!!! As a fellow biker, its rare to find a car that gives that "if I don't set the next corner up properly this is going to hurt" feeling, but the Exige gets awfully close.
  13. Interesting that in the article they weighed the car at 1218kg rather than the claimed 1138kg, which could be down to fluids, but 80kg is 80litres, so seems unlikely. Unless that's weight with a driver, though I read the driver weight for EU is 75kg.
  14. You can have all the assembly lines you like, if the procurement is useless, so is the manufacturing line unfortunately.
  15. Mine was 23rd April, originally for week 26 production then 4 weeks after that for collection. Now due week 38 for production. It seems we all got told week 26 or 27 for production but there are varying dates now. The dealers don't appear to know much more, though chatting with folks on here apparently everything is in the delivery system with timings. Just have to wait sadly. Though if Lotus can't deliver double-digit numbers of final editions this year, it will be interesting to see how they deliver 5000 Emiras over the next year.
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