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  1. My Exige was similarly delayed last year, due June, arrived end of October, I asked about taking delivery in spring and was pretty much refused. Gladly we had a mild winter so was able to get some use, but frustrating it spent a lot of time stationary. Slightly cheekily I asked if there was anything they could go to 'soften the blow', to which the dealer agreed to honour the original deal of the first inspection service remaining free (which is free anyway) and 1/4 tank of petrol...
  2. I know this has been discussed to death, but just doing a bit more digging and I'm curious if the issue is the unit recognising the camera, or it switching on? Looking at various other forums, it seems the AiM unit triggers the reverse camera on illumination, on pin 9 of the delphi connector, if it's seeing the camera and not triggering, maybe a switch could be wired in? If the camera isn't even recognised then, no chance I guess.
  3. It's making sense now, do you recall the morse code at the start of the Emira teaser adverts? Seems he was busy communicating back then.
  4. Lotus has a director of communications? Does he work in a dark room with no Internet or access to a phone?
  5. That's one charisma-free video. Ended up skipping most of it as it was painful to watch.
  6. Totally agree, but I bet you can buy a Lotus gillet, or golf umbrella, or bbq set...
  7. Sadly this is going nowhere, we can complain as much as we like, but in much the same way you can't go to Audi or Porsche or any other manufacturer and get upgrades on what comes off the end of the production line beyond simple upgrades. It's a shame the dash in the FE can't be flashed with the standard firmware, I wonder what would happen if anyone tried. Risky though. Lotus remains a company of take the money and run, they're clearly not interested in enthusiasts any more, it's all about the looks now.
  8. Yes, my money goes on petrol. (But don't tell the wife...)
  9. Interesting they're less fussy about the Emira petrol, I guess that's to retain its wide user base and not forcing folks to get 97+ Though given the 6800 limit, seems that performance has a very limited influence on the user needs anyway.
  10. I am really reluctant not to stick to super, mine's only ever drank 99 Ron super, not even 97, ah well mines a keeper so just have to accept expensive runs out. It was never going to be cheap! As an aside, I've just clocked 2000 miles after 7 months of owning my 390FE, anyone else running up the new car miles?
  11. I've got a couple of longer trips coming up with lots of motorway, don't really want to buy super unleaded if I can avoid for steady motorway. I'm guessing no real issue running 95 Ron?
  12. Oakmere were the dealer that couldn't fix my issues so I went independent, as I say I'd not go back. I don't believe Hoffmans are still official are they?
  13. No I stand corrected, quite right. (Lotus main dealers, apart from B&C it seems, still suck though. I'd absolutely LOVE to hear someone on here contradict me and say "No, I've had fabulous aftersales service from JCT600 Bradford..." )
  14. The reason people rant about the service, is because it's abysmal, and the single reason that much as I love my 390FE I would never ever buy another Lotus. Mine came with issues on delivery that went back to the dealer 3 times and eventually I had to have fixed, at my expense, by an independent. I do feel for new Lotus buyers in that if anything goes wrong, Lotus will ignore you and unless you live near B&C you face a long trip to a useless, clueless, incompetent main dealer. The two I've been to I'd never step foot in again, and now I'm faced with a 250 mile round trip to keep the warranty alive.
  15. Does the SL one fit in the end, was just about to order one. Seems odd Lotus changed part of the interior just for the FE editions.
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