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  1. I can't imagine lotus will take this seriously at all, they now have the money, it's not in their interest to do further development when they're busy selling 'lifestyles' to muppets that want F8 look a likes.
  2. Really interesting read, thanks for taking the time to share, will be great to hear how the system performs on track. This will sound odd, but hopefully you've not made it too good to the point of taking out some of the driver interaction.
  3. Sorry for being dim, that's a KT 475 kit fitted to a 390 Final Edition?
  4. I spoke to someone recently and the panels are heavier than the non carbon OEM fitments. The front access panel is nearly twice the weight, so seems to be purely aesthetic.
  5. Just out of interest, is red on the switch on or off? TBH neither seems to make much difference!
  6. I bought one of those, it does a reasonable job, but my Samsung Note 9, which is quite heavy, bounces around a lot. Not the sturdiest mount ever but does the job.
  7. It does genuinely look innovative, of not my thing. The bigger thing I'd be wary of if I was in the market for an SUV is the truely abysmal 'Lotus customer experience', if I was spending that sort of money I'd want a more comprehensive dealer network, with credible, competent servicing and to be acknowledged as a premium customer. Lotus just don't get that side of things, though it was encouraging to see new faces and less influence by the old lags, who after 20+ years of failing to turn Lotus around, need to go.
  8. The only performance published it the 60 time which is 0.1 quicker, but it’s on a DCT so it will be quicker to 60, the shift is faster. There’s more to it than the 60 time.
  9. Lotus misses the point yet again. If you're spending that sort of money you surely want the experience of trying and buying, not just going online and doing click and collect - I know I would, but then I'd not buy from Lotus again, they're clueless when it comes to customer care. New lotus appears to be focusing more on those people that see a cars looks as the primary reason for buying, and this Internet sales model seems to allow them to distance themselves even further from the customer. And is it just me that finds it amusing that all other manufacturers have service centres, but lotus calls them repair centres. Are they finally accepting they have 1980`s skoda build quality?
  10. I've read a lot of people recommending the RC5+ pads, apparently there's a small amount of squeal but not so bad even for road use. Ideally after some that arnt too dusty. But I'll check the ones you mentioned, thanks for that. Otherwise I'll keep looking at lighter carbon bits and battery. Though I think the driver is probably in most need of weight loss!
  11. For general road use the brakes seem fine, but they lack any initial bite and any faster driving means leaning on them quite hard. Looking to change pads initially as I intend to track the car mostly so would like a better initial feel.
  12. Thanks for that, as I also understand it's not necessarily charged every time, so there is a slim chance they may not it? I do like the way VAT is added, and import duty on the total - nothing like a tax on tax!
  13. I'm guessing we'll get caught with import duties from HK, anyone any experience of costs?
  14. Wish I'd added the uprated brakes, but I'll do that in the spring, otherwise I'm planning on general mods to engine, maybe some carbon that weren't optional anyway.
  15. Yes it was always separate on an Exige, and I got just 1/4 tank of fuel...
  16. Mine was delivered with faulty brakes, and an on going issue with leaks whenever it rains, meaning I can't leave it outside without a cover or the doors soak up water. It's been to a main dealer who has reported 'well it might be bad door seals but we don't really know, but no new parts are available and we don't know when they will be so it's going to get damp over winter'. It appears people have had cars and no issues, but dealing with issues is an absolute pain, dealers are miles away and don't actually seem to know what they're doing, then parts arn't available, and Lotus generally don't seem to care unless you're an 'influencer'. I honestly can't wait to get rid of mine - not because it's a fundamentally bad car, just the thought that it's not quite working and if anything more goes wrong it will be a lot of ball ache to fix.
  17. Who gives a s**t about influencers, apart from the muppets at Lotus? In itself the Exige is a fabulous car, but as a package - with 3rd rate dealer support, useless Lotus support, below 1980s skoda build quality, I'm afraid it's not so good. Much as I've enjoyed mine, it's probably going to be sold in the spring. Too many issues.
  18. It seems to be blue only. If you long press the src button top left it shuts everything down, all lights go off so at least you can leave the facia attached. It's a pretty low-rent head unit though.
  19. I normally leave my car covered with an outdoor cover, but last night left it out to the elements. This morning checking a few things over the engine is pooled with water. I'm not so much worried about the engine cover, but there are a lot of electrics about as well - the design looks a bit flawed as any rain/water has no runoff apart from into the engine bay. Assume this is normal, but has anyone seen this have adverse effects over time?
  20. Great isn't it, all that money on a car, and you end up questioning if the manufacturer approved garages can put the right oil in...
  21. Need to book mine in soon, but I was told there was an oil change. Did folks pay for the run in service?
  22. In which case I'll book it in, tend to agree that it should be done by Lotus. Fair wear and tear at less than 500 miles and 3 months old seems a bit much.
  23. Does anyone have the part number for a 2021 Exige brake light. I've got one out now after 2 months and 600 miles of running in! Is it a known issue, them blowing so soon?
  24. I did figure it seemed to easy to connect, hence not committing anything. Seems strange they made hardware as well as firmware changes. Rumour has it adding the GPS module should enable the track features, which is ultimately what I'm after, but it's an expensive experiment.
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