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  1. Mine was due second week of July, but seems to have slipped into mid August. Still surprised so few 390s were ordered, given then upgrade over the 350 it seemed to be the best bargain. I can add nitrons and any power as I need later.
  2. Just 15 in the UK, wow, and are the owners on this forum? It's not surprising in a way, with the Emira being so close to release there was bound to be a wait and see effect. I was in two minds myself, but with all the regulations coming in, and what appears to be a heavy bias on mainstream usability, I thought I'd go a bit more raw. I have the odd moment I think I should have waited, but know I'll still be getting a brilliant car. If the damn thing ever arrives...
  3. There are a few, Oakmere have one in Blue and if you speak to Simon I believe there are 2 more in production, one is motorsports black I believe, not sure of the other one.
  4. Called into Oakmere Lotus today to finally test-drive a 390 FE I placed a deposit for back in March - absolutely loved it and can't wait for delivery. A Sport 420 FE in the same Fire Red caught my eye (I'm sure Simon would be more than happy to take a deposit, can't recommend those guys enough), definitely picked the right colour, looks even better in the flesh!
  5. According to the Lotus media site All the final editions are on the same sized forged wheels, they list the fronts at 7.5" and rear as 10"
  6. It will be interesting to see what they produce with all the newer regulations, my W205 C63 sounded fantastic, but newer AMG are loosing the growl under noise regs. The A45s certainly hasn't got any soul in terms of the noise it makes. The Exige sounds fabulous for sure, let's hope they can keep something before we end up with glorified milk floats.
  7. I can understand the rear increase with the bigger wing, but what's different about the 410/430 front end that allows more downforce? Pictures all look identical on the three variants.
  8. From an article published today, Matt Windle states Lotus will skip hybrid and go pure electric... Which suggests the 131 will be an evolution of the current range. Other speculation, and Lotus quotes themselves, say it will be based on the current V6, so will be interesting to see what the new car offers. Mock ups, and the Evija suggest it could look pretty stunning.
  9. I understand all the build slots to be taken as well now, and no more changes could be made to existing ones . I was told mine was one of the last ones for July completion, then with delivery to the dealer and PDI the car is available for early August'ish. I thought a few might have been delivered by now.
  10. Hi all, Just joined the forum proper after placing an order back in Feb for a 390 FE, on Fire Red which seems to be a popular choice now on here. Mine isn't due until August, which is killing me, but wondered if anyone had already taken delivery. Curious how it compares to the outgoing 350? Did find one review on YouTube, but it was a bit generic. Matt
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