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  1. Unless I am missing something - this looks like a very attractive deal at that mileage...
  2. September's stupid question. My 1988 X180 N/A's gearstick knob is getting loose. It rotates a little bit and also moves up and down. On gear changes I have to push it down (a bit) to keep it from moving (apart from the required gear change travel). Any tips?
  3. Thanks for that - and yes - had read to CLOSE the bonnet before lifting light... THANK YOU!
  4. Here comes August's stupid question. Took my X180 for a spin and at some point flashed someone to say thank you for giving way - and got a bucket of water effect on the windscreen. Once home, found the offside light well full of water so examined the forum and read the explanation of getting the headlight well hole unclogged with a long pipe cleaner. With the lights on, with the help of a torch, managed to find the drain hole and after some wiggle action managed to drain the offending H2O. Light well now empty. However, I have spotted a loose screw sitting in the well - which I assume is off the back of the light - which is working fine - MOT was in June. My stupid question is: Am I correct that if I unscrew the headlamp pod link rod (pictured from forum image) I can manually lift light to retrieve screw and investigate where it is from? Also, once I have undone pod link rod - then reattached it - do lights then need to be professionally re-aligned? Sorry to one and all for my stupid questions.
  5. Just spoke to SJ Sportscars and you are right - no adhesive required!
  6. Looking at the existing one I think I can see some adhesive?
  7. I now have the part from SJ Sportscars - part number B079U4197F - can anyone (please) give me a steer which adhesive should be purchased (in the UK) for the engineer to install it?
  8. I'm actually getting a man in to do it. I can drive the car so/so - but am not to be trusted with tasks like this...
  9. If the red Esprit driver who was westbound on the A422 today (19.7) circa 1530 hrs who flashed me in a white X180 (eastbound) is on here - HELLO!
  10. Oh - that's SO kind of you - but have ordered from SJ Sportscars. As I said in my published letter in issue 20 of Absolute Lotus magazine, the kindness of the Esprit family is OUT OF THIS WORLD.
  11. Replacement Rubber thing ordered from SJ Sportscars... Thanks everyone for the steers and help. Sure I will be back soon with another daft question...
  12. Hi all, My driver's door rubber seal is starting to part company from its base. Any tips on what to do? Attempt to re attach it with glue? Have the whole thing removed and replaced? Any steers much appreciated!
  13. The Car Years is back on ITV 4. Series started Monday, 12 July and Episode 4 - TX date Monday 19 July - features an Esprit.
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