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  1. "Its just a cheap Lotus" was the remark a bloke made when i drove past him and his family in a multistory carpark the other day He was right it was the cheapest on the market when i bought it 😂
  2. Anyone got a link or the ones that fit? the ebay listing above is now for a Golf so looks like they have change the listing Thanks!
  3. Yep thats the plan its not in the engine bay or around the tank or overflow
  4. Hi Dave, Hope you are all good I mean the vents in the back clam?
  5. Hi, My S1 Evora seems to have a coolant smell from the near side vents, not dripping or loosing coolant that i can see and the headertank level seems stable. Anyone had or seen this before? is it easy enough to take the arch liner out to access that area? going in from the engine side does not look appealing!
  6. Looks great saw your post on SELOC enjoy!
  7. With all prices being up over the last few months id would be sitting on it Unless you dont mind loosing afew k, there is a fairly large shortage of used cars seen quite afew people getting more back from WBAC for cars then when they purchased them 2 years ago!
  8. I was suprsied by this also Had mine afew weeks now but a quick get away from a junction a week or so ago required a fair amount of opossite lock, coming from an Elise with little low end grunt its a fair change i did wonder if the TC actually worked but seeing its reduced in sport makes sense now as i was in sport mode
  9. Most car prices seem to but up at the moment but a Alfa 4C or maybe an Alpine 110? I know the 4C prices have been on the rise
  10. The answer is yes it has crossovers, took it japart tonight I also found out the that there must have been a deal on velcro when lotus built these cars, its held together with about 8 miles of the stuff & hopes and dreams
  11. Hi, Non tech pack S1 want to upgrade the doors speakers and tweeters, does it have crossovers fitted from the factory? Was hoping to just pop the doors cards off and replace the speakers without having to take anything else apart! Thanks
  12. Thanks, do you know if the non tech pack cars have crossovers in the sills? Was hoping i could just remove the door cards and swap out the speakers!
  13. Perfect thanks 👍🏼
  14. It does but mine didn't have the OEM alpine reverse camera, it has one that just used a av lead so worth checking what your is, the good thing about the aftermarket unit is that the cameras are cheap if you needed to change it anyway
  15. Thanks What size are the tweeters do you know? And which speakers did you fit? Went for this JVC DAB Fitted a screen mount aerial but it's pants so ordered a dab splitter see if that's any better Fitted fine, it had a double din nav unit in so was just swapping them over really
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