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    Radium intake, switchable exhaust
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  1. Didn't reply before but I will certainly be there - look forward to meeting some like-minded folks
  2. Thanks for including the fix Steve, I've been getting the TB fault codes intermittently (only twice, a few weeks apart). Hope you're well btw - found a new toy yet? Seb
  3. Chris, great to see you're still around on the forums! Yep, she'll be going back home to Bell & Colville. Cheers
  4. Holy crap, isn't it?!?! The steering and ride just blow me away. How can it be that sorted...
  5. Over in Knaphill, so not all that far
  6. Love to, I'm only 20 mins or so away!
  7. Hello TLF! Proud new owner of @Ledlights beautiful Evora LE. I've stolen his photo because it's better than any I could take... oh and I took it to Lulworth Cove just after buying it and got it covered in chalk 👀 Look forward to contributing and getting to know some of you! Seb
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