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  1. Those bolts/holes I mean. has anyone tried to change height?
  2. Is there a possibility to adjust the height of the sparcos using those hex-bolts on the side of the seat? Couldn’t find any information on this in the internet, but in the drawings it seems like there are three different positions to set using those bolts to set it higher or lower
  3. This is a known problem that occurs on boats with grp hulls. Obviously there is a water trap on the backside of this panel that keeps this area moist for quite a while. Ist this part easily accessible from the inside? Could be good idea to check for moisture every now and then.
  4. Finally we could enjoy some sun and more than 10 degrees 🙂
  5. I love the TR6 but there's no way for me to fit into it.
  6. Good evening everybody, I have a question to the GT 410 automatic owners (provided there are some around): shifting from 4th to 5th (in automatic sport mode) at around 240 km/h the revs drop quite a lot, causing further accelation to happen only very slowly from that point (if at all). When shifting, revs in 4th are around 6800 , directly after shifting revs in 5th are around 4000. Uphill leads to almost no further accelaration at all. It takes hours to get faster from that ponit, until the revs are up in a suitable range again. Is that somehow normal or is sth wrong with my honey or are 5th and 6th considered kind of overdrives?
  7. It’s Nightfall Blue. Could very well imagine to fit those golden Leitspeed wheels if it weren’t for the price... (is this correct english? I lack some practice)
  8. Her name is "Electric Blue" and she is my first Lotus car. It was love at first sight, just had to take her home. She fits perfectly next to her italian and german buddy in the garage.
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