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  1. Little mention so far on what's going on at the rear on these cars. Multi link on is the way Porsche has been on the 911 since the 90s, everything since the 458 for Ferrari, and now McLaren have gone there with the Artura. In the press for the Evija, they make a thing about the heave damper, but I didn't see a mention of the setup of that car. For Lotus it would be new territory, and 5 link would be a big advantage over the Cayman with its all round struts. The shots accompanying the Car and Driver Evija article posted yesterday shed a little light. In the following photo I'm not sure what I'm seeing. I'm counting 5 links, though it seems that two of those links are stacked in the vertical plain, which seems to not give resistance to horizontal forces that a true 5 link would. I don't see a torque link between the upper and lower control arms as per the 458 and s550 mustang either;center,top&resize=768:* So can anyone figure out what we're seeing here? Assuming the Evija design would be carried over to the Emira.
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