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  1. Niiigeb


    Celebrated Fathers Day with a trip to Caffeine & Machine this morning.
  2. Niiigeb


    I went to Mr Tyre in Leamington as they have the latest Hunter machine for wheel alignment and my 4 new Michelins. Now covered about 900 plus miles in France. Car is transformed.
  3. Niiigeb


    Latest update. I’ve now covered about 1,500 miles since getting the car. It is fabulous in every respect. And been admired in the office car park which is nice I do though, hate the Pirelli tyres. So I’ll change them asap. Anyone recommend a tyre specialist in Warwickshire/the midlands. I think I’ll go Michelin Pilot Sports if I can get them.
  4. Personally, I think I would choose the orange. That will look stunning and help you be seen as you charge about with a silly grin on your face.
  5. That’s great feedback. I’m worried about it wobbling off. Despite the fact that The Exige is beautifully damped. Breathes with the road as Gav Kershaw says. Trouble is I don’t really want to clutter up the cabin or the view too much.
  6. Thanks Bibs. I’ll be along again soon with another question. Probably around battery life 😆
  7. I’m planning a little trip and need a Sat Nav. I’ll use my iPhone (Waze) to guide me. What do you guys use to hold your iPhone securely? Any top tips ?
  8. Niiigeb


    Thank you sir !
  9. Niiigeb


    Well, I’m very sorry. Been so busy driving it. Until today, when my wife was too busy driving it !
  10. Niiigeb


    Well, picked her up yesterday, can’t stop smiling & can’t stop driving it !
  11. Niiigeb


    Hi Bibs - thanks for your insight. I pick it up tomorrow-so super excited.
  12. Niiigeb


    That’s the one 😍
  13. Niiigeb


    Thank you all for your encouragement. It’s only increasing the excitement ! I like hidden gem cars - nice thought that this is one Let’s hope the warmer weather turns up soon. (Although as long as it’s above 7 degrees the tyres will work okay) It’s on Pirelli’s-but I’ve been told the Michelin Pilot Sports are better for general road driving.
  14. Niiigeb


    Yes, that’s the one from Hoffmans. The interior works well with the Laser blue. I think that the Roadster manages to be both elegant and full of sporting purpose. And the grill looks very Lotus. And the sound is heavenly. What do you like about your Roadster ? And please show us some pics 😃
  15. Niiigeb


    Thanks. I’ll post some once I’ve got it home. It’s a handsome car - can’t stop smiling !
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