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  1. Hello, I'm trying to increase the noise 😈 and in the process if possible to free up the engine a little more. Replacing the original catalyst with this one without any other modification will meet my needs or is it necessary to change other elements (like manifolds)? Your opinion? Thanks in advance. Shu
  2. The resistors are installed and it works wonderfully πŸŽ‰ Shu
  3. Greg response me And send me resistors πŸ˜‰ Very good service!!! Shu
  4. only problem, the indicators are faster than normal ..
  5. And the GRP Tail Light 😍 before: in progress: final : Shu
  6. Hello, I caught a stone on the front grill, just above the carbon blade. Could you take a good quality photo (exige 410) of the front grille and especially what is behind it, I want to make sure before driving that nothing has been damaged behind the grille. a big thank you in advance Shu
  7. In Switzerland, we have two 390 FE to sold: Shu
  8. Dumb question but how do you wash it when you use it without the roof? Do you put it back each time with all the screws or simply put it down without screwing everything in? Shu
  9. A little video of the beast where I take the opportunity to weigh it. 1140kg with a full tank of gasoline. IMG_1206.MP4 Shu
  10. Thanks Ramjet! I would like my order for the rear lights from GRP to arrive faster πŸ˜œπŸ˜… More seriously, I posted pictures in this topic: Shu
  11. From Shu
  12. yes, I saw this solution but it is temporary, I will install the button that will allow me to control from the cockpit as on the 350. The garage confirm me it’s OK (only in 410, it’s not possible on 430). So I do not want to cut the pipe Shu
  13. And there you have it, two elements are put in place, but not without difficulty. When it comes to disassembly, you have to go carefully but hard enough, no original part is broken πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Otherwise you have to adjust (file) all the carbon parts, they are not exact. Once, the result is great! Pictures Shu
  14. Thanks for this, I can not remove the cover of the gear lever and that of the conditioning. I'm yucky, it doesn't have to be complicated but I can't do it.
  15. Hello, The garage advised me against doing so, the pipe must not remain in the open air. The easiest and most secure is to pinch the hose. You can use the loop of a bridle to do it and it's even easier !! Shu
  16. Hello, I received my 4 carbon elements. The finish seems impeccable. But ... how do you install them ... If any of you can help me remove the Shifter top, the Airbag Cover, the Climate Control Surround and the Door Pulls that would be great! I can't wait to be able to install them and if I can do it myself without going through a garage I will be happy and can post pictures to you Carbon elements: Actual interior: Shu
  17. I receive piece of carbon for interieur today (normally). So tomorrow some pics Shu
  18. Hello, Here is my new Exige 410 metallic grey with this options: - Black Pack: none - Matt Black 10-Spoke Forged Wheel - Red brake caliper - Interior pack Alcantara Solid Red - Stitch color Red - Full carpet - Single Din Stereo - Air conditioning - Lightweight Lithium-Ion Battery - Cruise Control - Carbon Seat Modifications: - Constantly open exhaust valve (artisanal) Changes coming soon: - Adjustment of the exhaust valve from the cockpit - Rear lights by GRP (ordered, 8 weeks waiting) - Several carbon parts for the interior of GRP (gear lever, airbag, Climate Control and Door Pulls) Changes to come during the year: - Dash AIM M2XE - GRP carbon mirror - Carbon barge board Photos exterior: Valve stay open with this fix:
  19. Thanks for this tips! i have made on my 410 and it’s work perfect! i have take this piece: πŸ˜… 4.6mm and I can close and open. the sound is awensone 😍 Shu
  20. Hello, have you good sites for sticker? i have found this with Lotus Logo: you know if the quality is good? thanks! Shu
  21. It’s ok I have found on another threat;) Shu
  22. Hello, short presentation: I live in Switzerland, I am over 30 years old but under 40, I really like cars and I am the proud owner of an Exige 410. before the 410, I had a 350 for 8 months. I come here to find tips and share mine. good road to all! TheShur
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