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  1. Hey, that looks very much like mine! We should do a meet-up sometime. Groeten, Onno
  2. Lovely crisp drive this morning. ..
  3. Some pics of my January 1st drive. Managed to take her out a few times since then, it's been a mild winter in the Netherlands so far.
  4. Last drive of 2021 this morning, off to Russia for a a couple of months tomorrow. She's been great. It was hard to get out of bed, but worth it I think.
  5. Just block me. 😀 And enjoy the Evora - she's a fine automobile and will console you.
  6. Someone spotted me last week and took this nice shot.
  7. Coming home after about 250 miles today. Wonderful car. Met the previous owner today, that was great and thanks for all the tips!
  8. Thanks Ruud, I am indeed very blessed. Now if I just can get my TVR Griffith 500 project finished after 12 years.... that is also a true driver's car.
  9. Thanks Ruud - it's been easy to take nice pics this week, the sunsets have been spectacular! I'm used to quicker cars and in fact she's my lowest BHP car. But it's not about just speed. And she's not exactly slow anyway. Primarily it is about feel, steering, braking, balance. She pulls very nicely, and impresses when on boost. Most impressive is the ride and steering. A true driver's car. I am really bonding. I was watching Harry Metcalfe's video on YouTube again (for the 20th time) this evening and how he describes his 1987 Turbo Esprit I can understand much better now that I've had a couple of hundred miles of Esprit Turbo experience. I love his enthusiasm for his car, and I really understand what he likes about it. Can't wait to take the car on some long holiday trips like he has done. But as much as it is about driver's feel, it is just as much about styling and I adore looking at this car. I've loved them for over 30 years and it feels special to have her sitting in the courtyard. It's nice when you meet your heroes and they step up to the plate and impress you - that they are what you expected and maybe even more. It was the same with the other cars I own. All special in their own way. The Maranello was not forgotten about this week, either.
  10. Every drive is just dramatic this week....
  11. Lovely evening drive.
  12. Well, picked her up unexpectedly early. Enjoyed the first drive tremendously, and I still have a week's holiday to look forward to next week. Such a beautiful car, and very enjoyable to drive. The steering is awesome. I'll take her into our local hills (yes, there are hills in the Netherlands) today. Onno
  13. I believe that UK prices never compare well to prices on the continent. There seems to be a much stronger market for used cars, especially if they are rare, on the continent. But even if they are not rare, it is a strange phenomenon that us Continentals drive our cars generally more, and yet are also prepared to pay more. Try finding a 360 Modena or 550 Maranello with less than 30k miles/50k kms, it is next to impossible. Most have between 70k - 100k kms these days (as does my own). And surprise - they do not melt in the rain either. This Esprit is my purchase. Considering what I could have bought for the same money, I do not think this is strong money at all. A nice 996 Carrera 2 would have set me back about 10% less. A nice 997 about 10% more. A very good mate of mine bought his Porsche Boxster for GBP3.5k. I could not find any below 12k and finally brought one from Germany for 18k with 2k import taxes on top. It is just a different world over here. Particularly LHD English-built cars. Consider my Griffith 500 - bought in 2009 for EUR35k. A good 500 will now fetch far north of that, around 50k. Regular 4.3s are close to 40k - IF they are LHD (only 121 LHD Griffs ever built). There is one other Turbo SE for sale in the Netherlands at the moment, for the same price. And I believe it is not as nice as this one and certainly that shop does not instill a lot of confidence in me (that is just a personal opinion based on a visit there a couple of years ago). If we look Europe-wide, then there are a handful but most are much more expensive (70k up) and most are not as nice. The dealer selling this Esprit to me said he sees one come by in this condition maybe once every 6 years. So I am very happy with the price I paid, especially comparing to her contemporaries (try buying a 964 or 308 for that money!) and I believe that she will be depreciation proof. She will be driven, though. Onno
  14. Thanks very much Ruud, and thanks for being such a great owner. I'll get in touch via e-mail.
  15. Yes, I will reach out to the former owner this week, I have his details.
  16. Hi all, Bought my first Lotus this weekend, a 1990 Turbo SE with 51.300km on the clock. Original Dutch car, totally original condition and FSH. Owner had her for 28 years and traded in for the last new Evora for sale in NL, even though he is in his late '70ies. Respect! He cared for the Esprit to such an extent that she still smells new. She will need to get used to being used - I take my cars all over Europe and she has not driven more than 2,000kms in the past 10 years. I'll have to wake her up a bit, methinks, and she will encounter this new phenomenon called "rain" at some point. She will be well cared-for, though, but she was bought to be driven. I am a Ferrari man at heart (have owned 6 and done over 150,000kms in them) but I've always loved all true petrolhead brands and Lotus has been admired since I was a kid. Picking the Lotus up next weekend and looking forward to getting to know her and making some new friends to boot. Very different car to experience and I'm loving the diversity. Current stable is a 1998 550 Maranello, 2001 Boxster S, 1996 Griffith 500 (project, nearly finished). Looking forward to being in the Lotus family! But first - the small matter of transferring funds.... haha Onno
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