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  1. Thanks Ruud - it's been easy to take nice pics this week, the sunsets have been spectacular!

    I'm used to quicker cars and in fact she's my lowest BHP car. But it's not about just speed. And she's not exactly slow anyway. Primarily it is about feel, steering, braking, balance. She pulls very nicely, and impresses when on boost. Most impressive is the ride and steering. A true driver's car. I am really bonding. I was watching Harry Metcalfe's video on YouTube again (for the 20th time) this evening and how he describes his 1987 Turbo Esprit I can understand much better now that I've had a couple of hundred miles of Esprit Turbo experience. I love his enthusiasm for his car, and I really understand what he likes about it. Can't wait to take the car on some long holiday trips like he has done.

    But as much as it is about driver's feel, it is just as much about styling and I adore looking at this car. I've loved them for over 30 years and it feels special to have her sitting in the courtyard. It's nice when you meet your heroes and they step up to the plate and impress you - that they are what you expected and maybe even more. It was the same with the other cars I own. All special in their own way.

    The Maranello was not forgotten about this week, either. :)


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