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  1. With the cars now being imminent, I wondered what colours we’d all decided on?
  2. That rear left wheel was smoking the entire way. Looks like rubbing or a seized brake??
  3. A ropey 2nd hand one isn’t the end of the world if you can find one, I got mine rebuilt in a new material by Allon White near Bedford, only a few hundred pounds. eBay also has replacement wires if they’re tired, missing or broken.
  4. 6200 miles since April ‘21 in my 390, I’m not babysitting it for the next owner 😬
  5. I’ve convinced myself the extra octane gives me better fuel economy, so I stick with super.. I hate putting normal stuff in (or even 97). Only ever do if I’m caught short, I always feel guilty if I thrash it until I get the good 99 stuff back in.
  6. Interesting to see how excited he is for the i4 too
  7. I doubt she will, the Emira actually moves under its own power.
  8. Picture of a DV one I’ve just seen
  9. My 390 threw up an ecu fault when the dealer tried, I couldn’t select any different drive modes until lotus issued some kind of reset code and cleared it. The dealer then said it wasn’t doable on my car. I’ve never tried since as I like the jekyll/Hyde nature of the valve at 4.5k
  10. Elbow grease.. Just plenty of quite unforgiving gear changes, the cars seem to love them. that said, I haven’t kept one for over 20k miles yet…. 🤔
  11. Very good point. It’s comical how many people still think they’re funny with the age old acronym “Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious..” The last thing Lotus need is to make it relevant again.
  12. On the topic of gearshift, something I’ve noticed on both of my mk1 elises and my latest Exige, is the gearshift is quite sticky, tight and often awkward when brand new, but loosens up into a great gear change after giving it some “determined” shifts. My wife always said our shared Elise was noticeably better to drive every time I’d been out on my own for a pootle… Given a few more hard miles of road tests, these Emiras would more than likely give a different experience. I’m certainly looking forward to the i4 tests though, it should be quite a different beast with the different weight distribution, power delivery and gearbox.
  13. Q4 numbers are live on howmanyleft. 20x 420’s 24x 390’s The 430’s are difficult to differentiate whether they’re FE models on there.
  14. Ahh, yes, I totally understand your point. I had a similar gripe with Tesla about the model 3. I waited 3 or so years for my “reservation” to come up, just to be ignored when I asked about certain details. As a test, I emailed them from my wife’s email as a new customer and got an instant reply. I cancelled my reservation a few seconds later.
  15. Having a brand new model goes hand in hand with buying blind. I’ve had it many times, mk4 golf r32, Bmw 335d xdrive, gr yaris. Even the Exige 390 to a degree. if a drive up front is crucial to you, you generally have to give up being a first.
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