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  1. I’ve seen several dealers are advertising unregistered stock for sale recently. Can’t be a great sign for the immediate values. It really has been the perfect storm against lotus. Supply shortages pushing sales back into economic instability and interest rate rises. Now, inevitably, the recently inflated car market is feeling the pinch of all those factors and slowing. Plus a few “lotusisms” of build niggles thrown in for good measure. Lotus wouldn’t be Lotus without drama though. I’ve sadly just cancelled my i4 order due to none of the above. When faced with the final ordering process I’ve decided I need the option to take the roof off my sport car 😕
  2. And so it begins….
  3. Sorry to read such a messy tale of what should have been an exciting experience I had to nudge customer care again a few days ago because I still haven’t heard anything about my configuration link that supposedly expired on the 8th May! (That I was informed of with 2 working days notice..) They responded yesterday with a link, and also a note explaining the delay in responding, stating “we have had a change in the Customer Care Team so I have just received your email” So they may be having a shake up.. too little, too late at this stage for you but hopefully a sign of attempting to get on top of this mess.
  4. I requested a call back and waited 3/4 hour, so now I’m on hold again, and still waiting on the call back. Might not have been such chaos if they had given more than 2 working days notice to complete. I’ve been pretty chilled about the whole Emira experience until now but this is ridiculous.
  5. Thanks, I have already tried live chat and it just crashes. I’m currently waiting in a queue on the phone..
  6. I received the email last week telling me to request a payment link for my second reservation deposit, as I think many others did too. It states on the email payment must be received by 5pm today but they still haven’t responded to my payment link request email. Anyone else in this situation?? Where will I stand if the 5pm deadline passes? (It’s not in my spam folder)
  7. Mist white looks mighty similar to my old exige in “Elise grey”
  8. I’m not complaining. It will be what it will be. I’m very very glad I wasn’t deliberately trying to be a first though, it’s turned into a “perfect storm” of hiccups and problems.
  9. I’ve just received an email apologising that my order is now scheduled for Q1 ‘24 i4 ordered in October ‘21 I’m not too bothered as I deliberately ordered late. I didn’t expect to be quite such a wait though..
  10. I’ve recently driven a 718 spyder and it wasn’t a patch on the exige. Felt a little bit ordinary in comparison. But I haven’t driven an evora or emira yet.
  11. It was down to personal circumstance choices I’ve made. I was in construction and have been for many years. Royally bored of it and I feel the the future is shaky. So my wife and I decided to have a big shake up. The exige was the keystone to affording a change. Life is much more predictable for us now but…. I haven’t got an exige in the garage 😭 …at the moment 🤞
  12. @Jcxi sold it to the dealer outright. They have still got plenty of markup left to drop a bit more. I didn’t really get what I wanted for it but I wanted out before this economic mess hits properly. My 50/50 finance deal was up early next year so I didn’t want the option of giving the car away or taking up £40k finance at an extortionate apr. I may end up buying it back over winter though.. 🤔
  13. @Citizen I would personally hold off buying. Many exiges are hanging around, it’s not really the season, or economical climate, to move focussed sports car “toys.” What you save in purchase price in a month or 3 could easily cover the interest your agreement might sting you.
  14. The “interest” line on that agreement would make me wince. I haven’t looked recently but aren’t there cheaper ways to borrow than that?
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