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  1. Lol, ex Bmw driver here, people not spitting at me as I drive by qualifies as solid respect.
  2. I’ve received way more goodwill than I expected too, so maybe regardless of noise, it’s just the car that is appreciated 👍
  3. I feel the other way, people who aren’t strictly “car nuts” often turn their noses up at a sportscar before they’ve even seen it due to the noise. I’ve had some great positive reactions because I take people by surprise when they hear a Toyota Camry driving up behind them, only to turn round and see a pretty little sportscar. Yes, in certain crowds the burble would be more appreciated, but in general traffic, I like to be understated.(well, as understated as an Exige can be….)
  4. My ecu threw a wobbly when the dealer tried to install the valve switch on mine, I picked it up with a warning light on the dash that they couldn’t clear until they had talked it through with lotus. When they had it back to clear the warning light they said mine wouldn’t accept a switch. Not sure if this is gospel or they couldn’t be bothered, but I’m not too bothered as I like the Jekyll and Hyde nature at 4.5k
  5. Howmanyleft updated to quarter 2 recently, on the last day of the the second quarter there were 10x Exige 390 and 6x 420. With the delay’s people are suffering since then, around 15x 390’s seems quite plausible? (UK numbers)
  6. Maybe not the whole 600 but certainly more than we currently see
  7. The Radford 62-2 is supposedly having a 600bhp version of the v6 of in the jps model, so I think it’s pretty likely there will be some serious Emiras in the lineup later.
  8. Personally I see it as a direct dig at the cayman. That’s pretty much the only alternative I’d consider.
  9. I’m very pleased for lotus with the Emira, I think they’ve nailed it for market position. Their sales tag could be “it’s not a Cayman...” While I’m happy in a way it’s not really an Exige/Elise replacement so should prop up my cars value, I’m also disappointed in there is now no Exige/Elise equivalent. Unless someone is lined up to carry on making them... 🤔 Back to the topic, I have no regrets, I’m very happy to suffer the compromises of my 390 while I’m still fit enough to do so, an Emira is quite a likely prospect if or when my bones can’t take it anymore.
  10. I’ve just had mine back to the dealer for this same noise that has come on gradually since new. A constant clatter with an occasional clunk thrown in. “Perfectly normal” is the response I received. So I have the car back and continue to drive it like it’s stolen.
  11. Is that the carbon pack spoiler and access panel you have on there? Or did you upgrade separately? Looks stunning!
  12. Oh dear 🙁 there was another one had a similar fault I read about, his was just a loose wire in the fuse box. Hopefully a quick and easy fix for you.
  13. I realised the uniqueness of the 390 shortly after ordering, virtually a 410 in a 350 body. The combination of 350 spoiler and chargecooled rear light and vent layout mean the rear view can only be a 390. I know it’s a bit selfish but I’m excited to read there are so few. I almost feel I shouldn’t probably drive it as much as I do... Sod that, I bought this one for me!
  14. 390ja

    Nissan GTR

    I have come from an M2, so many cars these days tick the same box as that car, very capable but only exciting once you’re at ridiculous speeds. The Gtr also falls into that from the drives I’ve had. I nearly went for a big luxury motor but decided I wanted back to basics while my bones are still young enough to cope with it.. Every drive of the Exige is an event, even at slow speeds. You can go out for a drive at perfectly legal speeds and still enjoy the drive. I don’t feel the Gtr will do that. I haven’t driven a 430 but don’t feel I’m missing too much in my 390, especially if comparing with non lotus alternatives. I would personally hold out for the right Exige, but as said above, probably get a drive in both to see what suits you and your expectations best. Looking at used prices, you’re also in Porsche 718 cayman gt4 territory, they would certainly be on my test drive list.
  15. Nice! Metallic Grey was up there on my list but Elise grey just nudged it. hope the weather is decent for you at the weekend👍
  16. I’ll ask again, thanks. what colour/spec have you gone for?
  17. Spoke to the dealer today about booking in for the inspection service and clearing the exhaust valve error code. He said they can now clear the code but it doesn’t look likely they can fit the valve switch. Ive had a read through the manual and it says the valve is opened at different revs in the different traction settings, so I’ll wait and see how that works before I worry any more about it.
  18. “LOTUS” is 557mm long by 27mm tall.
  19. Lol, I will get the tape out when I get home. I assume you mean the “LOTUS” lettering by the sizes offered? Edit; i just realised the “390 final edition” is actually quite long with “Exige” included
  20. I haven’t checked mine personally but they were stated as 7.5 on the configuration I ordered from.
  21. Looks that way. My dealer did mention they’ve been investigating it so hopefully it might be doable. Thank you, it was an anxious few weeks until the covers rolled back! very pleased with the result though.
  22. Exhaust valve switch, apparently not. I had an ecu light on upon collection from them trying to install it. Not sure if they’ve got a plan for it yet, I’m back for the inspection service soon so we’ll see. A few pics are up on my Instagram “the_last_exige” I was a very lucky early order, right place, right time. Placed a deposit last year, firmed up upon announcement.
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