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  1. Haha yeah, if only no truck gonna block the whole road Cheers mate Thanks mate haha, never thought about that but I guess you could say so. Chevy LS3, lightly modified with intake and exhaust and tune. nearly 400 whp.
  2. You mean SSC? Yeah order done end of Feb, I didn't ask for anything special build date. Where do I check for build date? And no, no production photo, didn't really bother me tbh. Did you get any hint for the delivery date?
  3. Hi everyone. It's Vic here from Sydney down under Registered earlier this year when I finally bite the bullet and ordered the Cup 250 FE. Has been a Lotus fan for a long long time, and this final edition just make it happen sooner lol. Now I've taken delivery this Friday, I'm finally a proud Lotus owner 🤘 As a first time Lotus owner, looking forward to learning from you guys. Cheers Vic
  4. First post, just wanna say hi to everyone. Took delivery of mine yesterday
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