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  1. Yes, that might be the case, I've had similar experiences with a Westfield and the TVR Griffith 500 that is currently for sale. That's how I justify putting cash into these type of cars, the depreciation is so small that it all balances out against the running costs. The TVR has been great but a bit of a sledgehammer and I'd prefer something that gives me a bit more confidence on the twisty bits!
  2. Yep that yellow one looks spot on for me, someone needs to hurry up and buy my TVR so I can make some real moves on car; I know my other half wouldn't like the yellow but she'd like the price! Only worry would be resale after another 25k miles over the next five years.
  3. I thought about PX on the Griff but have asked the specialist that I bought it off to move it on for me, he has good contacts and can offer a 6 months warranty on it for a reasonable sales fee. It's priced pretty competitively at just under £24k, my service costs weren't too bad on it but I did all the work myself. I like the T350 & Cerbera but would always worry about the TVR straight six motor going pop, not such a worry with the Toyota V6 in the Evora.
  4. Hi all, I've been catching up on this thread and will continue to follow, I'm currently advertising my TVR Griffith 500 (let me know if you know anyone who might be interested!) once sold I'll be in the market for an approx £30k NA Evora. I ended up using the TVR less than expected as I struggled to justify the fuel economy of the old 5ltr V8 and the handling wasn't quite as precise as I'd like, I previously had a Westfield for 5 years that went around corners on rails unless you pressed the loud pedal so a bit of a contrast. I know a 10 year old Evora won't compete with efficiency focussed modern cars but should be significantly better than the TVR (20mpg on a motorway run and 10ish around town or pushing), I have taken an Evora S for a test drive so I know it ticks my handling box, a couple of Elises in the family so I knew I could rely on Lotus for that! Since the TVR I'm with the group that enjoy pushing the car and the S felt a little fast for public roads, so I'd be happy with the NA, straight line speed doesn't matter to me too much. There are a couple on the market that interest me so I'm hoping the TVR sells in the next couple of weeks and then I'll have the cash in my pocket ready to go! Must Haves: 2+2, NA, working aircon Nice to haves: Cruise control, heated seats, recent clutch, sports racer model, CR box
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