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  1. Good advice my friend! I will allocate the engine parts elsewhere, I just left them there when I got tired...
  2. So here are a few first pictures. The big screw was completely loose and snapped the plastic cover
  3. Hello! So here´s an update. I will need to pull the engine out, as my mechanic says that we need to check the valves and see other possible extent of the damage. I will upload pictures of all this process... hopefully we will get it done and fixed
  4. Hello, so here is an update: After checking all the basic and easy stuff, the car will still not start. Our conclusion is not a good one, it is probably a worst case scenario. When cranking, the passangers side camshaft will not turn. I believe that the belf must have broke at one time. The cranking noisy seems like the car has no compression... and there is no fuel injecting in. I do not know what to think on this one, but I am worried..
  5. Thanks Barry. Yes, it seems like if its an electrical issue, not the immobilizer. Any help is appreciated! Regards
  6. Hello! I took the car yesterday for a drive and all was good and parked it in my garage as usual. Today the car won´t start. The battery is in good condition (always in tender when car not in use), I can hear the pump activate, but it wont start. It also cranks well. At first, I thought it could be something related with the Cobra alarm and engine immobilizer. But since it cranks, I´ve been told that it is not the immobilizer. (Is that true?) I have checked fuses and relays and also the inertia switch. All seem good. I need your help to get this thing started again. What else should I be checking? I appreciate any leads. Thanks!
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