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  1. Its me who has switched from RS4 to Evora for the commute. The RS4 was not exactly falling apart.. (bit of artistic licence there from Bibs....). The issue was 30,000 miles of London roads knackered ALL the shocks. Not something i was expecting and expensive to fix...and maybe i should send the bill to Boris!! I run an Evora NA with sports box and love it. I have test driven an S and adore it. The Evora S is supercar quick and i will upgrade. If you can stretch to an S - go for it! Ken PS..still love the Audi now that its non Lotus i have ever owned and will keep it til it does (probably a long time after me!!)
  2. ....details to follow...but happiness is a new Evora in a new garage.....
  3. 179!!...very nice.... ....i suspect the 350 wing does about as much good as towing a caravan for purposes of v max.. Ken
  4. Does anyone know of a vmax type event coming up (as in top speed aerodrome type run.....). Would like to give the 350 a max attack blast (once the second gear synchro which has just gone is replaced..but thats another story..). BTW..has anyone done an event such as this in a 350? Cheers Ken
  5. Not sure about that...but if Danny Bahar can be persuaded to spend some of that product placement budget on putting Bond back in an Esprit rather than an Evora in Desperate Housewives..he will do us all a favour!! Ken
  6. As a long term Sport 350 owner i am obviously a huge fan (it was my car Bibs was "keeping loose" for me), but you will be very lucky to get through annual maintenance for less than four figures a year. A lot will turn on the condition its in now: - cats have a very limited life (especially if not used often) and are several hundred a side to replace; - turbo feed pipes are a real weak spot. No matter how well looked after (and my car has been pampered all its life and always garaged) you WILL need to replace them all soon, if they have not been done already. Lotus skimped on the quality of metal and you can spend 3k even with a specialist in getting this, and related turbo work done. - clutches -1k plus every 12,000 miles; - cam belts every two years etc..etc... But it remains a hidden great and the 350 horses are driving a lot less weight than modern cars with much more power. So buy one, preferably a 350 (which i think is one of the few esprits that will climb in value) and just make sure you have some budget set aside to run your supercar..cos that is what it is..... Ken Sport 350 No 007
  7. I am still confused. Is the CHASSIS the original No 2 chassis with a bunch of new parts on it , or was that chassis replaced with a new chassis and some of the bits that were on the original No 2 chasiss are now on that new chassis - which would make it No 4 chassis? If the latter then its wrong to call this the "No 2 chassis" and i guess it also never raced? And the real issue is whether this chassis (whatever it is!) could get FIA papers?? Help!? K
  8. When i restored my S1 i replaced the original (crappy) Sharp mw/fm radio cassette with a modern CD unit. But that was before Ipods..... Now i want to either get a "new" old style radio with an Ipod conversion or have the old unit restored with Ipod incorporated. First question: does anyone know what these cars left the factory with? Mine is a Dec 76 build date. There is no date on the Sharp unit: could it be the original? Second question: any outfits out there who do good recreations or restorations with an added Ipod capability..?? All help greatly appreciated! Ken
  9. I cannot recall seeing a poorer piece of motoring journalism....The same gears deliberately chosen in each corner!!!!??? No doubt that was to avoid the porker getting the thrashing it would have had had the Evora been driven properly instead of by a granny!!! Ken
  10. I was lucky enough to own a 300 and a 350 for a while. And while i enjoyed the 300 i sold it and kept the 350. That is a seriously sorted car and i think hugely underated. I never really understood the 300 was quick..but the 350 was (and is) brutally quick with a fantastic chassis...I know this is not a common view but i regard the 350 as the pinnacle... Ken
  11. Ken Baird


    she's mine!!!!!..where did you get the picture..i have never seen this before..... Ken Baird
  12. My car (0149) was a runner, and had great bodywork but crap interior and generally poor mechanicals.. To get it done properly (SJ) to great condition mechanically and concours interior was about
  13. I had my car retrimmed by SJ using the correct materials (you can see pictures in owners section of the site) and don't regret it...the "factory fresh" result is just awesome. Sadly, there is no way of a 30 year old car with these materials NOT being i don't see the problems with re-trimming.. ...:-)..Scott will disagree with me!!..but each to his own on this one!!! :-)) car is 0149, so a few of the old girls have survived who must have been made within a few days of each other... ken
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