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  1. Thanks for this called one today, they said there are plenty of options anything from £300-£500 a door depending on what I want do. Good call! The sill is fine - it is the door card; when I'm in a car park scenario, and the door can only be opened a little, the door card occupies 2-3 inches of space all the way along, leaving virtually no gap to slide my feet into. With my legs being long it's hard to get them back to where the gap is if that makes sense. The seat is all the way back by default for my size. I tested drove another one today - in a small gap, going butt first then almost over the passenger side to get my legs in kinda works! The door looks kinda flat without the card on, so the space saving could be significant. Hmm......
  2. Thanks gents, sounds like a good call, they look so much slimmer, I'd have to find solutions for the vent and door switches but that's doable. I just realised you said not! I'm fine when there's plenty of space but in a tight spot it's very difficult.
  3. Hello all, first post! I've been rather obsessed by these wonderful cars and now in the happy position of being able to buy possibly up to an early S! I've done alot of searching and found whilst people mention it, no one seems overly concerned about the challenges of getting in and out. It would be a daily for me, and being 6'6" and leggy, makes getting in a challenge, and only just doable (and not delicate) in a normal car park scenario. So a couple of questions I can't find answers to please: Has anyone modified the door card to make it easier to get it/out? How much space did it save? Big people, how do you manage? Any other suggestions? I know from driving a few it's so worth it once I'm in, loads of space and drive is epic, but it will be a daily so will need to jump out for a pint of milk in car park without injurying myself, any help anyone could offer would be most appreciated! I've attached a few door card pics.
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