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  1. Have a look here. This 02/2011 aquamarina blue was my car. Vanderkooij is very familiar with exporting cars. Perhaps worth a shot they ah e 2 others
  2. There are a few for sale here if anyone is looking for a LHD: 02/2011 Evora NA 02/2016 Evora 400 11/2011 Evora S IPS
  3. There goes the free option? And was so happy to be on the list.
  4. Hey Keith, I guess i won't find it under the X-mas tree but in any case keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays.
  5. Hi guys, bit confused. I need to adjust the doorwindow just a tiny little bit after having installed a new mechanism a few months ago. The door catches (and cached) on the latch to strong due to the glass sitting really tight on the roof seal. An ever so small push against the door will release it just fine, as with the window slightly opened. In the instructions it says it can be adjusted without taking the trim off. But how? Or do I need to release the underside of the trim, lift it slightly and than squeeze in a screwdriver? It's the screws, partnr 6.
  6. Thanks for the update Keith! Really looking forward to have it fitted to my evora.
  7. Yup, and here too. Whenever you’re ready just say so and we’ll get things rolling.
  8. So, finally got around in disassembling my old window regulator. Think I have found the part by just simply looking up the numbers that were on the motor. Tell me if this is NOT the motor: example comes from a VW polo, 6N2 1999-2000, regulator with comfort function (12 pins). Old part I found on the interweb has exactly the same numbers as mine. There reference: MAGNETI MARELLI (350103425000)
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