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  1. Yup, and here too. Whenever you’re ready just say so and we’ll get things rolling.
  2. So, finally got around in disassembling my old window regulator. Think I have found the part by just simply looking up the numbers that were on the motor. Tell me if this is NOT the motor: example comes from a VW polo, 6N2 1999-2000, regulator with comfort function (12 pins). Old part I found on the interweb has exactly the same numbers as mine. There reference: MAGNETI MARELLI (350103425000)
  3. Put me on the list too, will at least cover costs. What a great idea!
  4. Thanks Dave. However, look what the cat dragged in. BMW partnr. 31517589001, even the local BMW had to special order more Soof them as there was only 1 on stock in the Netherlands! had to hold on to them Dave, these are made from unobtainium. Many thanks all for the thinking along.
  5. Nope, no luck there either, same story. Trying elise-parts now (good used is also ok) , no reply yet.
  6. That's what I have been trying but to no avail yet. Seems to be pretty Lotus specific/not used a lot elsewhere.
  7. unhappy? The message fro Lotus factory that even they could not provide me with a simple caliper to hub bolt as in attached pic (A132W2048F). Back order delivery probably 3 weeks !!
  8. People, I need some help. My 2011 Evora NA needs new rotors and pads. All caliper are bolted with E14 bolts, one of which is rounded off (previous owner lousy workshop result). See pics. I may get it off but what do I need to order another one )probably a new set for al) to replace them. Local Lotus dealer is a bit puzzled too what to order. I thought it was the A132W2039F but that is another bolt and on backorder apparently. Can anyone point me in the right direction It's the standard Lotus Evora black 4-pot AP Racing caliper on regular rotors. Maybe same as Exige? The rounded bolt is really stuck by the way and probably installed incorrect.
  9. I have a pair, ordered double. Can send them to the UK. 30 GBP plus shipping. Will share a pic tomorrow.
  10. the washers same as a Mercedes Benz M-series (163) washer. Just switch the nozzles and your done for 35 quid total both sides. For the pump I ordered an aftermarket one too, search for 26274 FEBI.
  11. Send her mail (thru the sales e-mail address) as well. Will keep you posted. Need it shipped to the Netherlands.
  12. I'm sure I read somewhere on how to do this but can't find it. I have just one jack and four axle stands.
  13. What customs / import duties?
  14. I bought and installed this one: you just need to drill two holes. If that’s too difficult buy from lotus. Oh, and being a lazy sod, I cut and resoldered the wiring instead of fumbling the cable through the holes.
  15. Thanks Steve. I see them but funny enough I can’t get them to show up on the various sites that we have here inthe Netherlands. Really weird.
  16. Thakns The thing is, I like to have the same type of tyres in front and rear and want to go Michelin. Can't find PS4 or PS 4S in the original sizes. But I'm up for ideas.
  17. any comments on why I should not go for Michelin PS 4 S with 235/40-18 front and 265/35-19 rear? Slightly higher and wider so it will be a bit more flex and possible aquaplaning. I do like fast driving, but bot a racer. No trackways either.
  18. I could just revive any topic on this subject but here goes: When I reset the window on RHS it works as designed. That is, until I switch of the ignition in which case I can manage 2 openings and it no longer functions. Looks as if the regulator forgets the setting. On power on and another reset, it works again, until. So could this be a corroded connection or just another failing regulator.Evora S1, 2011
  19. old posts, but thanks anyway. Drove me crazy for an hour to figure out what was going on...
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