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  1. Oops.... guilty as charged 😁 It's that Monza exhaust - such a fun little car.
  2. Agh, obviously, having to wait a further week to have PPF/Ceramic done would be hideous. The balance is driving the car and getting little chips. Ah, maybe worrying too much.
  3. I see what you mean. However, I suspect they need the factory space for their other EV sports cars. I believe the SUVs will be made in China.
  4. We can be assured that it will not be anything like as loud as sitting in an Exige =- shame.
  5. They are quoting the 4.5s and 180 too so i suspect it is just a placeholder, though not far away. I guess that would put a V6 at about $105k?
  6. Yeah, get the i4 ! More useable day to day. With both in front of me I would opt for the DCT ride for anything other than a blast.
  7. Of course, the real answer is to get both - one for the track, one for everyday. Higher CoG (I could definitely feel this on my Exige V6) - Yep, and that is an EPIC car so don't worry! Higher running costs - Maybe not if Mercedes work on the i4 Higher guilt factor regarding CO2 - Bugger that. We will be electric in a few years anyway. Eat less beef and sell the wife's car Risk of aggravating my tinitus (probably have to wear ear plugs anyway ) - There you go, ear plugs it is - I wear them on my bikes Risk of aggravating my old knee injury with heavy clutch use - Change gear less To be serious, it does sound like the DCT 4 is better for you - by far. Don't sweat it. The 4cyl will be an amazing experience.
  8. That's a mighty fine and well put together cockpit in anybody's book. I can smell that Alcantara.... Not that I am excited. Nah, not me. Calm as you like. Meh.
  9. There are a few FE cars for sale on PH and AT. There is also what looks like two decent 410 Sports.
  10. Ha. To say I am excited is putting it mildly. I clearly have too much time on my hands The Exige is the only car that makes me confident enough to sell, and not miss, my motorbikes. This would please the missus no end.
  11. I wonder how global deposits are now doing. Anybody know what the deposit amount in the US, EU, Australia, etc? I wonder if the UK will reach 3000 by the end of the year.
  12. For sure. A lot of us put down deposits before we even saw it. I doubt many pulled out once they had. Amazing supercar looks I wonder how global deposits are looking now.
  13. I think you are right. The next level cruise is likely an optional extra though hopefully included on the LE cars.
  14. Nah. A lot of it was written even before the launch and have even less.
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