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  1. To be fair, we are seeing hatchbacks with similar power figures so some people's reactions are that is underpowered. This is mentioned even more on LT mainly due to the Corvette being a rival for them money there. However, yes, my view is that 400/416HP in a proven chassis with 'proper' steering and gearing will be more than enough to scare 95% of people. I had an integrale Evo 2 - only had 216HP IIRC - and I never once thought it needed more oomph. I also had one of Rover 220 Turbo Coupes back in the early 90s and that was certified dangerous. So it is all how it puts the power to the road and the feeling you get whilst doing it. Just like skiing and motorcycling, it is that grin as you break the law of physics that makes a true sports car.
  2. Me too. We can likely trust Lotus to at least make the car 'fee' great. I suspect they will bring out an electric Elise style car and a larger , perhaps , Emira looking car. These might well undercut all the main contenders by some margin. If they do then I will likely get one but not for a good few years.
  3. I just suspect those that go for Touring will end up being disappointed in the end. Sports 'sounds' better and may also be more desirable when one comes to sell it. The 410 Sport I drove FAST was al over the place on the road when putting down serious power. At first I thought it was a bit too mad BUT on reflection it had ultimate feel and I would not to compromise on that for a Lotus. As a compromise I am going for the Goodyear Tyres which I believe were specifically 'made' for the car. This will also provide year round ability.
  4. Ah ok, thanks I will find out what difference it makes to the premium nearer the time.
  5. It will be really interesting to hear how the Emira compares with the GT4 once it has been driven. If it equals it dynamically overall then that would be a real accomplishment.
  6. Also, the sheer demand of the LE V6 has led to Lotus extending their original plans. This has had, it seems, the affect of pushing back the i4 FE version a bit.
  7. Do we know which actual Scorpion model it is yet? Obviously the amount of £465 we pay is inclusive of fitting. What about a subscription amount?
  8. You'll likely struggle more with the i4 - You would miss the noise of the V6. I'd never sell an Exige for an Emira myself - I will more likely be doing the opposite. If you are talking about your one and only car then the Emira starts to make some sense being more daily driveable and comfortable. The Emira will be dynamically excellent but the Exige is another level of engagement. In short - have both
  9. yeah, similar story. One senior Lotus staff member saying definitely only 1 shift and others reporting that they will meet the demand - which is a lot higher, in the UK and globally. it is this demand that seems to be pushing everything else back. As more and more people are somewhat frustrated with the delay in the i4 and own-spec cars then even more will plump for the V6 FE. In which case, can we not expect Lotus to meet that demand and push back the others even further out? The only way to know meet Lotus buyers' expectations is, at some point, next year, 2 shifts finishing off the V5 FE cars and one shift making the i4 FE cars - which then moves over to 3 or 3 shifts for own spec cars. What we or Lotus don't know yet is the level of demand for the Emira when the Summer/Autumn of 2022 comes. Let's not even dare think about other factors such as a bad winter covid, supply issues and logistic failures. This is continuing what looks like a "call them as the deposits come in' BUT after July. By the time they have finished all of those, the earlier depositors in June, May, April and even March might not get their call until they have the actual cars 😄
  10. Well, some of us have been told conflicting messages, even from senior Lotus staff. The i4 FE Was originally due in late Summer/Early Autumn of 2022, a good few months after the V6 releases but we have heard that it might now be January 2023. Until they put something firm on the websites or socials we won't know for sure - and even then it might be subject to change. The own spec cars are still showing as Spring 2023 - that might even be put back should Lotus see more profit in the FE car spec sales.
  11. Yeah, that looks like a good solution. If that gets the car on most UK tracks then brilliant and money well spent.
  12. march!? Blimey, makes me feel better. Then again, a call will now mean naff all to me. I have done the config links. A call, though nice, will not add anything to the progress.
  13. Ugh this is all a bit worrying. On my fireblase I have a baffle I can fix inside the aftermarket exhaust which gets it through track day noise regs. Is there nothing on the car market that matches this?
  14. Reading all this , it still seems to me that people are more than positive after they have viewed the car in the flesh. Nobody to my knowledge has seen the car and then decided against it. This is a big positive. All the talk about noise, transmissions, weight, clutch wear, etc, really won't matter to all those who are not on this forum which is 90% plus of deposit payers. I heard earl doors that rather than the bolt on same transmission that Lotus have spent decent time on improving the overall gearing and flow to improve talk. We won't be able to confirm this until the cars are driven in anger and in comparison to the later Evoras but keep the faith - Lotus will be all over this as a car for the ages.
  15. It wont be long before somebody works out a way to make it louder - free or otherwise, Don't worry. And, yes, me too - bring on the noise.
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