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  1. This is at best... We might still not see an Emira this year. I am just disillusioned. So what is the magic lottery spec that gets you an actual car in October? I am Scheduled October so November delivery like Tom. Magma, black wheels, no black pack, no privacy glass, yellow callipers, alcantara seats and wheel, Sports with Goodyears.
  2. Lovely pic but now I just see this as a wind up.
  3. Ha, yeah, I have lost count many times I have told people it is DARK DARK. I think if one accepts it is black with hints of green then one will be delighted. There was a seemingly black Macca at Beaulieu yesterday, which on close inspection, was a dark, dark purple. Actually, pretty classy. Just makes it a nicer black.
  4. I imagine some people will wait until March for the reg. I wouldn;t but some will. Anyway, until we hear something utterly concrete, this is all still based on 'hope'.
  5. I will be driving this at every opportunity. Not too worried about mileage in this case. Other cars will be used. The real dilemma is whether I take the Ferrari or the Lotus to meet ups... I really have no idea yet.
  6. I do love the F-Type and would have very, very likely have bought one until the Emira was announced.
  7. Yeah, not sure if it will make the Ferrari look flat or not. Hopefully I will find out this year. 😊ðŸĪŠ
  8. Yeah, I did. One magma and one nimbus. Had them both for about a year and then a couple of months back I knew I was going to get some other toys (not the Ferrari at that point!) so pulled out of one. I intended to have them both, one set up for the track. I didn;t really want two red cars so wish I had now kept the Nimbus 😀
  9. Watching it now! I love the colour coordination!
  10. Can't see me selling it. Never know though. I have no real idea what the next few months will be in terms of car ownership. The Emira is slipping more and more out of my thoughts. I really feel a bit gutted to be honest. I was so looking forward to it in the summer months. Hand a good handful of amazing plans, tours and events booked up. I feel like a lot of the joy has been squeezed out of me like a Boa constrictor - fighting for my last breath.
  11. I've still not heard from Lotus since April!! Expecting my car this week ðŸĪŠ
  12. Ha. Driven it every day since Tuesday, apart from Yesterday when I was forced to go to inlaws in Somerset. Missed it madly and was checking the security camera every 30 minutes.
  13. We are soooooooooo close. Dare I let my excitement build again!
  14. Nice. Lotus should offer a Customer Deposit Day - it is not as if ALL of us will turn up .. ha. They could spread it out.
  15. Well, I always wanted one of these or a manual Gallardo and I did not want, and could not accept, any more delays to my summer fun driving intentions. Spotted this car and pulled the trigger. Have to say. not thought much about the Emira since. 🙈
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