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  1. 1 second to know I have never liked the looks - which is what I was talking about! In every sports car way, it is a better car than the Emira. Dynamically brilliant. I just can't, and never have, gotten over the looks. I think it's because it is a really old design now and never looked good. It has presence though in GT4 guise. Anyway, the GT4 is in no way comparable to the Emira really. The Emira is a heavy, for a reason, comfortable car focussed on all-round usability.
  2. I would be livid and frothing at the mouth but January now suits me actually. Also, fortunately, it is a brilliant car - for me.
  3. Sorry, the Gayman reminds me of the afterbirth of my first born... no thanks. 😄
  4. It looked over 50% to me. Too dark for me. I appreciate some others will love them.
  5. Yeah, close to the picture BUT shinier.. Might have been the daylight and the leather being brand new. Either way, I liked it more than I expected too.
  6. It does look a little lighter. Leather is always glossy so the light might play a part. I liked it. It reminded me of the butterscotch Angel Delight I loved as a kid. 😊
  7. It is the best colour to wear the black pack for sure.
  8. No. Not at all. I , ha, well, we all know, I don't seat on the details. I could not even tell you what the wheel gap is. I really couldn't give a xxxx. I just know the car works, very well.
  9. Ha. My views have not waned. Just a tremendous job from Lotus really. It felt perfect to me for what it meant to me. IF.... there was an Emira GTC with 450HP, carbon lowered seats, carbon roof, bonnet etc, amazing exhaust and a targa top then , yes,, it would be the worlds best car but it would come at a cost and a compromise.
  10. Have you found anything wrong with the car yet? I couldn't find a single flaw in the car myself - except for the USB socket 😀
  11. Well, it was beyond my biggest hopes and that says it all. Just a perfect little package of what it attempted to do.
  12. So they can be seen in this thread. All the colours can be seen in this video:
  13. Ha, that was me. I get distracted, I do the same on motorcycles, trying to juggle all the body parts and talking 😊 It was excellent overall.
  14. Yeah, it proved to be well worth it. My deposit is staying firmly with Lotus!
  15. I'd have that Exige over an Emira too! However, if one does not have an Exige then the Emira is superb. My road-test:
  16. Lotus very kindly placed all the cars in a row to help us all see the differences in the colours of the cars plus the different wheel, caliper, black pack and interior options, bar a couple of them. They said it was the first time ever that the cars were together like this! Bottom line is that the car looks amazing in all of the colours but I was more surprised at the impact of the privacy glass, the calipers and the interior differences. Hope you find this helpful.
  17. I found myself in the fortunate position of being invited to Hethel to spend a full day being the first person, outside of Lotus staff, to drive a fully finished production car in the UK. The focus was on the car itself, not issues. I wanted to focus on how the car made me feel. Did it deliver the experience that I was seeking? Was it indeed the car I believe it was to tick my boxes as a brand new, fit for a purpose, sports car I can drive all day, every day. Well, the video is below. I make no apologies for me being my usual loud and over-enthusiastic, severe ADHD suffering, passionately mad car enthusiast. Feel free to ask any specific questions.. We have all seen the car in minute detail so I concentrated on the drive itself but I did fiddle with everything, played with the KEF stereo for 5 minutes and went completely over the car - the car that we will all be getting in the UK. I will will also post up my other video made on the same day which, amazingly, is the very first time all 6 colours are together and it is VERY interesting and illuminating. Enjoy! Please support my channel with a sub, a like and, most importantly, comment and let everyone else know what you think about the Emira. Cheers Ade
  18. There is, of course, that fear that something will throw a spanner in the works. If it moves to March, many will delay further for the new plate at least.
  19. My phone rang by the side of me on my desk... 0330..... Don;t panic! Lovely lady. Me: Oh, give me some good news! My car is ready next week and it is free! Lady: Ah, sorry, not the news you want. She confirmed I was still in the top 100 (I think I was originally 50 - 60 having been a depositor on 20th May 2021). So I am still in Batch 1. I am also a December build with January delivery. I am fine with this as I usually go away abroad for Xmas and New Year. She confirmed first UK customer deliveries are this Friday, the 28th October. She said there was to be around 350 cars to be built till the end of the year. 50 - 70 in November and a real push in December with 250 - 280. Mentioned the delays and cars being out of deposit date order was down to parts availability so I have to assume that certain specs can be delivered before others - though there is no actual proof of this. Production will continue to increase as the lag in parts delivery is stepped up. My two videos are coming out on Friday. One with all the cars , in all of the colours and wheel/caliper/black pack combos to help others with decisions and also my extended drive in a full production finished Hethel Yellow V6 manual car with Sports suspension on CUP2s in the damp! Feel free to subscribe at to get notified. Cheers Ade
  20. Yeah, I was told it is purely down to parts availability. I have no idea if this is tyres, black bits, certain interiors, wheels, calipers, whatever.
  21. Well done. Deliveries do start this Friday. Lotus say delivery order is down to specific parts availability but following original deposit order.
  22. Great video for sure. Some amazing close ups of the mechanicals. Knowing my luck i will be #666 ðŸĪŠ
  23. That will make the Verdant peeps happy... looks great.
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