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  1. You're Kidding.... 😊
  2. Blimey. Ha, have to laugh. Such agendas here. On this forum, we fall into 4 camps, and since I joined, people have stayed in them. 1. Die hard Lotus fans who will knock the Emira and Lotus at every chance - backhanded compliments at best 2. Those who have no great opinion either way and looking for information and to perhaps get caught up in the buzz 3. Those who have had a Lotus and see both the greatness and failings of Lotus 2.0 and both support, and sometimes, attack Lotus 2.0 4. New to Lotus - they can do no wrong - what a fantastic achievement 'fanboys'. We all know who we are. I am in the last group and proud of it as I see this car in complete isolation from previous Lotus, and even other cars. As soon as Lotus announced they were making their last ever ICE I immediately put 2 deposits down instead of getting a Huracan/Gt3/458 Spider and have since been blown away that a small company (yes, with new funding) has built a new factory, massively stepped up quality control (we saw this on the tour) and designed an exceptionally good looking car, which has come so close to matching a hugely backed and evolved car in the Cayman. The fact we are all different is great! I need my optimism tempered with reality, I know that. However, those in Group 1 are not going to spoil my moment. I have, and have had, some nice cars but I have never been so excited to get a new car in all my long life. I am personally not frustrated with their comms and marketing BUT have been mentioning this to Lotus, in the interests of all, for ages. In the next couple of years (yes, I have the patience) I do have the confidence that things will improve dramatically. Back to reviews. Yes, I wanted them to be all glowing (newer ones may yet still be) but this does not undermine what a fantastic achievement this has been so far from a small UK (foreign backed) company full of passionate people.
  3. Yeah, given how things have gone, I not expect a few more people than expected to move to i4, thereby waiting a bit, especially if they all go straight to the front of the queue. This won't matter to Lotus - they will still sell every V6 they wish to make.
  4. Ha, I mention this 'bargain' Emira often. I will just sit here smiling whilst others moan the wheels are the wrong shade, the gaps too big and the colour might be dark in the garage at midnight.
  5. It is amazing how so many cars seem to have different sized gaps in the arches. I won't have an opinion on it until I see it in the flesh - and of course, and that point, I won't give a rat's arse as the car will look amazing anyway.
  6. I've heard nothing but if we stick with the 3 to 4 months behind theory then October/November is a possibility. I'd like to think that they will beat this so that people can get their hands on them quicker. We will see.
  7. Yeah, this what WE as enthusiasts actually want, it is mad, The Cayman might be the better car in little ways here and there but, as an experience, it really won't match the Emira. Still, Porsche will outsell it by ridiculous margins as it will always be the safe bet.
  8. I was told by one company that they are the only ones to have the pattern and everyone else has to come to them. Can't recall who it was now - was a phone call - but might be sales bollocks.
  9. Yeah, it does sound a bit mad but that has been their company line for 9 months so we have to go along with it. Maybe somebody on here finds companies that can just replace the strip with buggering up the rest of it. However, this is such a minor thing to worry about that it won't both me. Last pic I thought I saw the strip, albeit in the same colour, which is fine as it will stand out a bit for those who can't straighten a steering wheel. 😀
  10. Yes, made some enquiries and they sent the updated picture:
  11. Nah, they have got those well sorted. It is just a need/rush to get the cars in the journos hands in a timely manner ready for demo and delivery cars. Is there a transmission/gearbox/whatever fluid/oil out there that improves this from the standard included?
  12. I agree. One factor might be that they just spend so little time using a manual gearbox in anger. The most important review will be the 2000 miler coming up, and also my own on my way to Germany 😄 It will not take many of us too long to get used to it.
  13. That is one of the reasons I think it is THE stand out colour. Love the fact that is unique. Every other car colour we have seen before. Obviously, I was lucky enough to see it in the flesh and the warmth of the bronze metallic tones underneath are stunning. Makes it look super quality and Aston/Bentley quality.
  14. I'll be having one please. Black is more than fine.
  15. Great analogy. The emotional buyers, like myself, were fully prepared, and still are, to get and thoroughly enjoy the car, but the ones looking for perfection and profit may well slip away. Agreed - we have now seen a lot of most of the other colours.
  16. I like this. Lotus should have been putting these sort of experiences out there all over the place, where resources allowed. Good for marketing really.
  17. Alas , 'good' is not good enough. They will still sell and I cannot see the waiting list going down that much. All in all, most of what we expected has been confirmed: If you want more rawness then keep/get the Evora/Exige If you will use the car a lot get the Tour package. If you will only use it as a third car occasionally, like me, sports is fine The overall quality is a big step up from previous Lotus The Cayman is still the 'class' leader I still remain a tad 'horrified' at the reviews. Far worse than I had even feared as all I really wanted to hear was lust and excitement and cooing noises. Still looks an incredible package to me and I still see nothing close in terms of the mix between looks and performance.
  18. Well, a lot of you seem to be smoothing this over. These are not great reviews at all. Indeed, the majority are horrific. The car gets a bit slaughtered in most areas apart from steering feel and interior. What I believe is the single most damning thing of all is that nobody said that the car was amazing, nobody said the car was exciting, nobody said wow. They really didn't 'feel' the car. We all know the Cayman is a better car. Always was going to be but, my god, it is bloody ugly. I have driven one and they are great once inside but I never hankered for one, ever. To me, looks are a big factor and enough for me to still believe I am right to keep the Emira. Harry's review.. well, yes, seemed better but he is getting one don't forget. He has a weighing machine so he must have used it but did not share the results. Umm. Overall, yes, I am bitter, somewhat pissed off. I wanted everyone to say that it is the best car ever. We did not get that but you won't wipe the smile off my face when I get mine.
  19. Yeah, I am a marketing consultant and still wince at that one. So many things they could have said instead. There was absolutely nothing wrong with For the Drivers. I accept that the Emira 'may' not be as pure a drivers car as previous Lotus models, but it will still be a 'Drivers Car'.
  20. Ha, yeah, not sure if they are standard or not. Remarkably good ride surprisingly.
  21. Sweet. With black wheels - even better. Those getting yellow will be delighted. Probably should have been the launch colour really.
  22. To satiate my need for a nice car whilst I waited for the Lotus I went out and got my first ever Mercedes. Have to say, I am well impressed. What a beast. Indeed, I will now keep it as the daily even though it is shite on fuel.
  23. Well, just frustration. We should not lose track of the following: It's a ridiculously stunning supercar-looking beauty It's a Lotus - rare, desirable and desired It's great value when you look at it as a new car package For the first year or two you will feel godly driving it around 👍
  24. I wonder where BOTB were in the queue...
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