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  1. Yellow is easily in the top 6 colours...
  2. The car still looks like a 'Supercar' on the road. Great spot that. We will be all lucky to see more than a few this whole year - not including our own.
  3. That still sounds right from when we last spoke at Lotus HQ. Only a 1 month-ish delay. Clearly depends on time of deposit. Some will move into January 2023. Wow. Just shows the demand post-Goodwood. Also, I suspect you also hit they start building the Rest of the World cars which would, of course, hit total production numbers, for the UK market, in any given month.
  4. Sorry to hear that though family and a roof over your head always has to come first... Unless... there is only two of you and the other half can accept sleeping in the Emira! 😀
  5. I was surprised when the missus liked it! Might have a chance. I like it a lot and at some point we have to go EV to make up for the guzzling the current cars do.
  6. Great reading this thread! Thanks @Toqcars ! Super car. I assume you still have it and looking forward to a summer of fun. Ooh, I would love one.
  7. Wow, gotta say, I like the Esprit now possibly more than I did back in the day. It is not always about curves!
  8. Bentley are excellent - even get biscuits with my coffee but it comes at a price!
  9. Ha, yep. I won't be touching anything mechanical myself - just external shenanigans.
  10. Ah, then, like Fagin from Oliver!, my favourite character of all time, I will reviewing the situation. 😄
  11. Well, I am actually assuming it will be worse by definition. That being the disconnect between HQ and Agents/Dealers. There is no real going back. The path is set. It is now about accepting the new way and hoping that HQ work closer with agents/dealers and that HQ also starts working closer with customers and prospects. Annoyingly, there is a not a lot that needs to be done. Just better strategized and implemented comms. At present there is fear of the unknown. This needs addressing ASAP.
  12. Ha, yeah, you have a point but this might be the only way Lotus HQ can keep the agents on board. Further to that though, the agents will be a part of the sales process as people will still want to go to their local garage to see the demo cars in the flesh and perhaps drive them.. This takes up some time so it part of that work deserving of the 'fee'.
  13. They are both points worth discussing. Brand Image vs Profitability. This is always a balancing act. Where @Del Lardo is likely correct is that Lotus has currently moved towards a primary goal of business longevity whilst leveraging the pre-existing brand and goodwill. This means that, and where you are right, the brand image and personality has taken a bit of a hit in pursuit of sustainability. All new to the brand owners like myself have an 'understanding' approach BUT we will all concede that we would have loved to have the old ways back, to an extent, and certainly an improvement in comms and support, which, of course, lends a better personal touch and connection to the public. However, it is now how it is. This the way forward for them. With the move to EV, the direct approach makes most sense to me, the brand has already changed. That ship has sailed. If they can now spend some budget and resources on personal comms we will all be a lot happier. Lotus will be aware of this. How they achieve it is the tough part.
  14. It was my understanding that as soon as a dealer gets the nod that the customer will collect it from them, then they hit that £xxx fee. I suspect it will only be £xxx too. For that, I expect that they will further PDI the car and prep it for collection and do the handover.
  15. Umm. Those who know me will know that I looked at all the usual suspects up to about 150k - drive them all apart from a Gallardo Superlegerra. For me, certainly for 1 year, the Emira will actually be MORE special! Rarer, sexy, lusted after and has the right amount of power for the road mixed with what will be leading handling and in a brand new car which one can thrash the tits off - after running it in. At £78k!!!!! So I went for two - now just the one and waiting for EV Elise/Esprit. I did love the McLaren looks and it drive fine, fast too but apart from the cost/worry balance I was also put off by the lack of relative noise for a supercar and the fact that I live in Walton-on-Thames and visit my sons in Woking twice a week and see McLarens every day so they have lost their appeal a bit. Saw two today when out on my bike!
  16. I hope that 3 new entries on this list, in 8 months, is a sign of a quirt forum and not indicative of any sever fall-off in interest.
  17. Frustrating as this all is for all of us, as mentioned on another thread, I am confident Lotus are doing every single thing that they can do to get the cars out to us. They won't want a delay as much as we do. For us, it is a passion to own the car. For them, it does have to be business first. I agree Lotus 2.0 is shaping up to be a much different beast than before. This may well have more negatives than positives from an ownership and relationship stand but we will get an excellent car. A reminder than Tom and I saw huge efforts and money being spent at the factory. No way my deposit is going anywhere though have moved the other deposit now anyway. I understand it is tough to keep the faith. I still believe one cannot actually lose out and not getting an Emira will leave many people with regret.
  18. If there is a further 3 month delay, many might do the same.
  19. Ha - hope so, trust so. Can't wait to find out personally.
  20. I think a suspension lower mod kit would be popular. Make the car even more supercar like. Might be better to do this with the standard suspension perhaps? We will hopefully know all this once the cars are driven.
  21. Unfortunately, you may be spot on there. This is not what we were all hoping for and I know senior Lotus staff would not have wanted this to be the perception. There is still time to turn this all around and make it about the customer - they need some help and guidance perhaps. Perhaps one more full-time employee to focus on Emira customers. They need some goodwill. Good point. Suddenly now the new plate comes into consideration, for some, and may people are just not around in August, almost a dead month. Well, until they hear personally they will have to assume that they need to add 1 or 2 months on to their previously expected delivery date.
  22. Ha, I was the opposite. I should have bought the Exige Sport 410 I was looking at but didnt think it prudent for a couple of months. Now, I would have really enjoyed it. I did but the C63 so am having some fun. Well, it's a 3 month total delay now. As people had said, and indeed I believe I called it last year, a delay was almost certainly expected. We can be assured that Lotus would wish to get the car out - ready - as fast as possible to start bringing the income in, etc, so we have to leave it in their hands. For me, as mentioned, it is about missing a lot of great summer events that I was sooooo keen to attend in the Emira. I bought the supercar parking at Goodwood - might as well get that refunded. 😥
  23. Agh, how frustrating is this Tom? Yes, the SUV has become a focal point recently but there is no reason to fall behind on the Emira comms. I'll give them a shout again. Have you still not got any email? One would assume this pushes everyone back and the i4 customers are looking at winter which is madness. Yep. Tom I and were actually assured that Type Approval was the reason for initial push back so it still makes sense. Hopefully it is a small, simple thing that they need to sort out, not something fundamental that requires a re-jig as that means 2023.
  24. They've had £10k of my money for a year! I am assuming nobody is getting an email that is saying they are to get delivery in June still? So we might be still near the front of that queue - just delayed. I'd love to know which third of the month of July it is, at least. There should be a trickle affect so that all global customers and i4 customers can also expect a one month extension.
  25. Yep.. Worse part is I have booked a trip abroad first week of July... can't risk that now and will have to move it. Luckily BA allow this. It would be better if there was a firm date as I have so many plans for the car BUT we are unlikely to know this for a couple of months yet. Jeezuz. Frustrating.
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