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  1. Let's hope they have some finished car examples for us - with different wheels shown on them. We know that this is not going to happen any time soon. When they really hook this all up I would like to believe that wheels will be on the 'up to the last month' change allowance and the lock-in now stuff is transmission, interior trim and black pack.
  2. I have never received anything like that. I don't yet know if I can make any changes to the car and not lose my place. Lotus may well have the answers to all of this in the coming weeks. I guess the tricky thing for Lotus is to manage is the segmentation and staggered nature of deposits, and sheer numbers.
  3. One could ask why have Lotus not already started a second shift given the global demand? I suspect the answer is common sense and they are building up momentum and tweaking anything that is, well, out of tweak. One think never talked about is spare parts. At what point do Lotus start building extras of everything should something go wrong on a car. This covers everything from knobs and buttons to transmissions and panels. I'd love to work there! I'd do a 3 month marketing contract for minimal wage.
  4. Yeah, have always loved that Mazda red. I suspect the Emira red will feel warmer, classier, richer. In the flesh I have every confidence it will be sensational. I am far more worried about coming across a Verdant Green Emira later on and feeling regret I didn't get it!
  5. Mount Fuji? That car has been around!!!
  6. Ha, well, how spooky. My father has just turned up in a metallic red Citroen courtesy car whilst he awaits for a seatbelt part to be fitted to his new Abarth, topass its MOT. (he liked mine so much, he bought his own - he has waited 3 weeks for the part to come in!) You can guess my first thought. Taken last month.
  7. Ha, I think I was the first person to actually show the disc against a Fire Red Evora but it doesn't stop me wondering about red cars. What I have not seen is a Fire Red Lotus moving and how it changes. I have accepted it will be dark - I already have plans to, er, lift it somewhat.
  8. Yeah, I see a lot of different cars in something similar. Sometimes it annoys me Then I remind myself that, in the shape of the Emira, it is going to blow our socks off. Yellows, pastel blues and dark greens are rarer so don't both with them.
  9. Every red car I see on the street or parked up, or on TV, I say to myself: "AH, I wonder if that what is the Magma Red Emira looks like" and even consider taking a picture. I do this daily. 🤪
  10. The calls for those slated to get a car in June 2022 have stopped. It was my belief that the July deliveries were to be called. No idea if that is happening or not. Lotus have been quiet thus far in 2022 so am expecting lots of information in their upcoming January update.
  11. I'm hoping I don;t see a Verdant Green!! I can't deal with another change of heart.
  12. It is better than nothing and a full PPF might be overkill. In my head my total budget was £80 so I can just get in - ish.
  13. I can understand that and that is how I have always been although I opted for ceramic on the Abarth. I just want this time to be different so I worry less about driving it hard and making it easier to clean - which is definitely a weakness of mine. Getting quotes now. To me it is about a great job. I don't care about the distance to travel and Lotus will send it there anyway so I only need to retrieve it and what a great drive that will be!
  14. Same here. In fact, already half-booked in for 'sometime in June' Will go for full PPF and ceramic on body and wheels/windows. I'll do a video on it which should help others out with the concept.
  15. It is likely correct @Eagle7 as that model has no glass and wheels and black trim. If you factor that in , then one would see a lot less of the bright metallic effect. We know it is the dark Fire Red. No worries there. In the light in some angles it will look more red. I think people are worrying too much. If it was a 'normal' red then it would take way the drama of the new car. I like the fact the colors are 'different' for the FE. We will all grow to love them.
  16. I do fear that Mr Harris will say it is a bloated Lotus and one should simply pick up an older Lotus for a more authentic Lotus experience or move to Porsche. I say fear but not for myself but for the brand. These people have a lot of influence, like it or not. It will come down to his mentality when he first gets in it. He needs to think of it as a mass appeal Lotus made to take some of the core Lotus values and adding comfort and daily drivability. We will see. He is a tough one. Others will love it, like Harry.
  17. Well, we know it won;t be a 0-60 hooligan though I suspect it will be better than mentioned by Lotus. The dynamic performance will be supreme. I know what you mean though. I love that feeling of being pushed back in the seat (or holding on for grim death on a fast motorcycle) but this Emira is NOT that... We know this. I have accepted it and will love the Emira for what it is.
  18. ?? What ?? All we will hear is the roar of the V6 and the passenger screaming.
  19. Great help guys, thanks. Seems like i will risk two stops and then cease use.
  20. Ah, yeah. I'd want it to be as legal as possible. I don't mind a fine. Not end of the world stuff as the plate reads well anyway, as it is, in this case. I saw loads of standard plates and show plates but nobody in the middle, so to speak.
  21. As in, I have bought a XX10 TUS plate and wish to have it shown on a new plate as XX 10TUS to help people work out what the car actually is. Not my usual tact but my initials are super common and my bids on the DVLA auctions get massively outbid. I am aware that this is not legal but I see loads of this sort of stuff and far worse. Am happy to take the risk. Problem is, where do I go to have one made? I will keep everything else legal such as font so hopefully can get away with it.
  22. Ah, was talking about that Boxster today at work. Amazing. What a twat. That Taycan video is infamous now. With great power comes great responsibility.
  23. Evotion

    Emira GT4

    Yeah, pretty sure there will not be a GT4 road car - just a GT version with more power and perhaps some changes above and beyond the Sports Pack that we know about,
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