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  1. This is bad news. October!?? I am livid really. I know it is mostly outside of Lotus' hands but will ruin the whole thing for me. I might as well not bother. I still have never heard from them since they told me I would et the car in July!!
  2. Well, after having a good look around I decided to go with GVE in London, for the PPF and other work, and will have my car delivered there and then delivered back to me. My rationale was based on the incredible service I have received as a browser in their showroom. What I did find REALLY interesting is a thing called Carbon PPF!!! Wow. I will hopefully add this to the black plastic throughout and update my order with GVE. I will need to see it first. Never been a fan of carbon wrap over plastics but this is supposed to be a higher level of quality and has that added protection of being actual PPF. I managed to get 10% of my total order and Luke was happy to pass this on to anybody else, whatever the size of order. As I am going for the whole shebang and more it saved me about £600. Helps my channel too. Other suppliers are available! Conduct your own due diligence and make sure they offer the full prep service. Hope this helps though.
  3. I still say that an owner will never see the V6 Emira go down below the price paid. In short: Demand + Overs + later Emira prices rising a lot will keep them propped up. Plus, I still think the V6 run will be shorter than people think and eventually, of course, it will be a LOT less than the i4 version.
  4. I assume you can order with, and take delivery from, Germany or Italy?
  5. Makes a lot of sense to me... Here is a Nimbus/Tan 😊 looking one for only several thousands more than an Emira: Still British, good looking, head turning road presence and a LOT faster. I;d never get a Macca myself (as spent a lot of my life in Woking and they are no longer special) but I can see Emira owners moving in that direction down the line as it is the next logical sports car step.
  6. Thanks for the info. Shame we have to get updates from little bits here and there on forums. If I wasn't a forum member, from the last email from Lotus, I would be expecting the car later this month but wondering where my 30 day call had got to.
  7. I expect so. There will be people with deep pockets who will want one at any cost. We don't know yet what the overs will be. As time has gone on, even more people have seen the Emira and desire one. There is a very real appetite to acquire one and cut out the huge waiting list - which will get longer. It would not surprise me to see a car listed at £100k but with most selling in the lows 90s and high 80s. My personal belief is that car is already a bargain and if the car was £88k that Lotus would still have been over-subscribed.
  8. I wouldnlt fret too much on noise. It won;t take long to find out it we can hold the valve open to remove the last cat, etc.
  9. Ice Grey was always the one that will mark up worst. Don't panic just yet. It may not be the finished article plus, who knows, it might have been a seat pounded by a machine 500,000 times 😀 If , in your early ownership, it really sags then I would say you are entitled to a re-trim.
  10. Maybe there is a DV paint issue? Too much black in it 😄 Great pics guys. Keep them coming. Red , Nimbus and Yellow.. nice.
  11. Keep the latter. It will only go up. Even if you just SORN it. I am looking at an R8 N/A Manual SPyder myself. It has reached the bottom of its depreciation curve IMHO. A lot of people have been brought back onside with the latter 3rd party reviews of The Emira all but wiping out the memory of the EVO track video review.
  12. Evotion

    Lotus Emira

    Well, I cannot believe the Emira is only that far ahead. WTF. I find that very strange. Just shows how strong the Porsche brand is. Check the votes for German IP addresses 😊
  13. Schmee video - Another one for the Lotus Fanboys, like myself, to drool over.
  14. Schmee!!! He has not let the side down. More very positive vibes overall. Certainly, the things he liked will be the most important things to most of us.
  15. WOW!!! Didn;t see that coming. That is a fantastic review really, for the Emira. As I said earlier, I think the damp conditions actually help. No mention of any front-end issues but, more important than the track shenanigans, was that he rated it so high on the road. Plus, showing how it still suits a tall chap. Perfect. Brilliant. That has made Jethro look a tad silly really. Oh, I am so happy. How silly, eh? 😊
  16. Blimey - imagine turning down the very first customer V6... Umm, hope it is my spec and nobody else has my spec... I am in!!! 😄
  17. I'd love to have 416 or 430 in my Emira but, more than that, I would like to think I can run the gearbox fine throughout my ownership. Although I plan to rag it whilst moving, I won't be doing any launches either. I will treat it like a 10 year Ferrari - fast but measured.
  18. Not trying to spook people out but all we can really know is what was said, and was not said might not be good for those not alluded to. I would not wish to speculate further and I do hope all will be good but clearly it is a tough time. I am preparing for the worst but still hoping for the best. At the end of the day, and I have been clear on this, Lotus are 100% keen to get all of our cars out when they can. It is the pesky world we live in that is not helping matters.
  19. I think we need to look at what was NOT said on the video.
  20. For sure. I do hope it is overwhelmingly flattering. I am trying to get in a car myself. Of course, my review would be honest but very flattering. 🤩
  21. I believe it will be more positive than negative, say 80/20. We have already seen him smiling in the snippets but let's not believe that will be whole tone of his piece. I expect him to remark on all the negatives that the forum has mentioned this last week but be excited (opposite to Evo) about the areas where the Emira gets it right. Overall, I expect him to say the Emira is between good and great but, if the Cayman is mentioned (surely) that it is just behind it on overall dynamics but wins overall with looks, charm and personality. He will lament the passing of the El.ExEv but understand how well Lotus have done with the Emira.
  22. Yep - The Emira was always excellent value in my eyes - based on look and overall experience. It is starting to look like a steal. We know at some point, Lotus will have to raise the prices - likely on the base Specs soon. If you are on the fence - lock in now.
  23. 7 1/2 hours away - This is a big one, whatever anybody thinks about reviews.
  24. I wonder if he will get it mysteriously early.. He should be late 2023. Harry was late to the game too, let's see how long he has to wait. Anybody from Evo can do one.
  25. Ha. It does look green but maybe not dark enough.
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