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  1. Ice Grey was always the one that will mark up worst.

    Don't panic just yet. It may not be the finished article plus, who knows, it might have been a seat pounded by a machine 500,000 times 😀

    If , in your early ownership, it really sags then I would say you are entitled to a re-trim.

  2. Keep the latter. It will only go up. Even if you just SORN it. I am looking at an R8 N/A Manual SPyder myself. It has reached the bottom of its depreciation curve IMHO.

    A lot of people have been brought back onside with the latter 3rd party reviews of The Emira all but wiping out the memory of the EVO track video review.

  3. Well, I cannot believe the Emira is only that far ahead. WTF.  

    I find that very strange. Just shows how strong the Porsche brand is.  

    Check the votes for German IP addresses 😊

  4. WOW!!!

    Didn;t see that coming. That is a fantastic review really, for the Emira.

    As I said earlier, I think the damp conditions actually help. No mention of any front-end issues but, more important than the track shenanigans, was that he rated it so high on the road.

    Plus, showing how it still suits a tall chap. Perfect.

    Brilliant. That has made Jethro look a tad silly really.

    Oh, I am so happy. How silly, eh?  😊

  5. I'd love to have 416 or 430 in my Emira but, more than that, I would like to think I can run the gearbox fine throughout my ownership. Although I plan to rag it whilst moving, I won't be doing any launches either.

    I will treat it like a 10 year Ferrari - fast but measured.

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  6. Not trying to spook people out but all we can really know is what was said, and was not said might not be good for those not alluded to.

    I would not wish to speculate further and I do hope all will be good but clearly it is a tough time.

    I am preparing for the worst but still hoping for the best.

    At the end of the day, and I have been clear on this, Lotus are 100% keen to get all of our cars out when they can. It is the pesky world we live in that is not helping matters.

  7. I believe it will be more positive than negative, say 80/20. We have already seen him smiling in the snippets but let's not believe that will be whole tone of his piece.

    I expect him to remark on all the negatives that the forum has mentioned this last week but be excited (opposite to Evo) about the areas where the Emira gets it right.

    Overall, I expect him to say the Emira is between good and great but, if the Cayman is mentioned (surely) that it is just behind it on overall dynamics but wins overall with looks, charm and personality.

    He will lament the passing of the El.ExEv but understand how well Lotus have done with the Emira.

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  8. Yep - The Emira was always excellent value in my eyes - based on look and overall experience.


    It is starting to look like a steal.

    We know at some point, Lotus will have to raise the prices - likely on the base Specs soon.

    If you are on the fence - lock in now.

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  9. Personally, I find the pessimism of many very strange. What is wrong with optimism?

    I am optimistic it will be fantastic as I come from 2 fast but heavy cars and the car is lighter and as fast, with decent sounding engine.

    How can it not be fantastic?    Blimey, I remember my early Uno and R5 Turbo, or may mate's Peugeot I was in the other day, or the Passat that took me to Gatwick last week.

    You must all have an Enzo, Carrera GT or Speciale!

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  10. Ha - we both knew somebody would say that! 😄

    You have to take it in the spirit it was said to me - joyously.

    99% of us will feel the same way. Lovely to hear somebody rave about the car anyway.

    Perfect? No.

    Wonderful, yes.

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  11. What a lot of bollocks.  Realy"!??!?? All that for some clickbait.


    Yes, it might not completely be to everyone's taste or feel but a lot of us have held it and people who have driven it have told me it is absolutely fine.

    It just winds me up when a small percentage thing is mentioned to diminish the strength of the overall package.

    "This doesn’t happen in cars where the steering wheel rotates in a fixed circle. Like, just off the top of my head, a Porsche Cayman GTS 4.0. "

    Umm. Another clear 'Buy the Cayman" statement.   Yes, the Cayman is likely the better car, for most people, given it is a known package but why do we, in this country, always try to knock our top brands for the slightest thing rather than sing about the great stuff, whilst briefly mentioning the other stuff not so good.

    Thanks-  feel better now.

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