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  1. Bump. Still looking.
  2. Hi mate, Thanks for getting in touch. Would definitely be great to get some more details if you could DM me a little more about the history and any photos you have (of the service book as well if possible). Cheers, Luie
  3. Top man thanks a lot Mike
  4. Hi @SpikeMike, Thank you for your post - agreed aqua/oyster is a lovely combo! It would be great if you could message me any photos of the paperwork history. Is that the non-valved 2bular system you have fitted? Thank you @C8RKH for highlighting the wrap situation - definitely worth bearing in mind. Cheers fellas
  5. Thanks Phill - sounds lovely, maybe one day!
  6. Hi Phill, Thanks for getting in touch. Around 28-29 would be my upper limit but I fear a pristine sports racer is out of that range. What mileage / colour is it? Thanks, Luie
  7. Hello chaps, On the hunt for an NA and would be grateful to hear from any interested sellers. Sport + tech packs desired, white or blue would be lovely, recent clutch would be the cherry on top. Thanks, Luie
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