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    Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

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  1. I'm also with LV, 5,000 miles a year, no track days, premium £165.94 annual 😁
  2. Thanks for that info. Only 34 UK 420's, and only one in Plum Crazy 😎
  3. Indeed! And if that's your workshop, I also have Colchester lathes in mine
  4. I see a similarity in number plate ideas there 🤣
  5. I had a Superformance GT40 with 6.0 lt V8, throttle body injection, and minimal silencing, prior to my FE 420. Even with the exhaust bypass switch in operation (which it is all the time), I don't find the 420 too loud in comparison 🤣
  6. Same here, very happy with the Cup 2's. I am running my 420 FE through the winter on dryish days, but inevitably in a rural area where I am some of the roads are greasy pretty much all the time. Exercise had to be cautioned with the right foot, but then I grew up in the late 60's on RWD cars with crap cross plies on, so nothing really new for me with a potentially tail happy car, takes me back to my youth 😁. When spring/summer/autumn comes back around, the Cup 2's will be awesome - just beware of standing water!
  7. Dodge Plum Crazy. Only two Exige's produced in this colour I am aware of (the other is a 410), and my 420 FE is the only Final Edition Lotus of any variant in Plum Crazy.
  8. My daily, Mk 4 Focus ST They don't clash colour wise too much 😁
  9. Really? That's a shame. In balance, my 420 FE has had zero issues, and I love it 👍
  10. The brackets, or the bolts? If the brackets, well I would have thought Lotus (or get yours refinished). If the bolts, you just need to work out the length and thread type (M6, or whatever), and replacements are available from any good fastener supplier.
  11. I like the gold one, but would have specced it with black pack delete, and with black wheels 😎 What are you saying, that I have shamelessly self promoted mine? 😧 Ah yes, probably guilty as charged 🤣
  12. Nice day yesterday, so time for the hardtop to come off and go for a drive!
  13. I am at war with my unreasonable neighbours, so the exhaust is on LOUD when I enter and exit my property 😁 😁
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