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  1. Dodge Plum Crazy. Only two Exige's produced in this colour I am aware of (the other is a 410), and my 420 FE is the only Final Edition Lotus of any variant in Plum Crazy.
  2. My daily, Mk 4 Focus ST They don't clash colour wise too much 😁
  3. Really? That's a shame. In balance, my 420 FE has had zero issues, and I love it 👍
  4. The brackets, or the bolts? If the brackets, well I would have thought Lotus (or get yours refinished). If the bolts, you just need to work out the length and thread type (M6, or whatever), and replacements are available from any good fastener supplier.
  5. I like the gold one, but would have specced it with black pack delete, and with black wheels 😎 What are you saying, that I have shamelessly self promoted mine? 😧 Ah yes, probably guilty as charged 🤣
  6. Nice day yesterday, so time for the hardtop to come off and go for a drive!
  7. I am at war with my unreasonable neighbours, so the exhaust is on LOUD when I enter and exit my property 😁 😁
  8. That's a shame, hope it gets resolved soon! 🙁
  9. Well done Matt! 210 miles in, I have had endless reactions, probably because I persist in driving it slowly through high street shopping areas with the exhaust valve open 😁 😁 You can take the boy out of Essex, etc.......😉
  10. Today I got the exterior decals all redone in yellow, plus added union jack wing endplates, to match the yellow calipers/interior trim/stitching 😎
  11. Exhause valve wiring loom was already in mine, easy job to fit the switch. The ECU recognises it, and yes the digi dash displays exhaust valve open or closed too. Perfect!
  12. Picked up mine yesterday afternoon, took the long way home - window open all the way, exhaust bypass switch ON. It's LOUD 😁 It was just getting dusk, the photos don't do Plum Crazy justice. Do I regret buying a final edition? What do you think?! 😉
  13. Well, I haven't seen it in the flesh yet, so I hope you are right 😁 😁
  14. Thank you. I'm also going to swop out the Sport decals for yellow ones, plus add yellow union jack wing endplates. Can do, but won't be able to do so until it arrives at the dealer.
  15. Very apt, some would probably say I am a joker! 😁
  16. Thanks. Deleting the black pack suits it too I think. If you are going Crazy, go for maximum Plum! 😁 It comes up a bit paler in that artificial light, it's slightly darker in natural light, the last image - of the rear - is closer to the real Plum Crazy.
  17. Car ready to ship out, got some final photos this evening.
  18. Likewise, mine was originally sheduled for July, as per the other thread, it is ready at the factory today (my dealer is collecting it).
  19. Just heard my car is finished. Collection from the factory being arranged asap! 😎
  20. Ah, that's a bugger, I don't envy you the sinking feeling of seeing that. Did you order the back panel in body colour? Otherwise, I think the rest of the black pack is bolt on stuff isn't it, which is doable? (although the bits will have to go in the paint shop)
  21. I can't remember where I saw it now, from memory they have had PPF on the sides for some time, on the more recent cars it now covers a larger area, all of the sill moulding through the lower quarter panel, up to the seam where it meets the clam half way up the side air intake.
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