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  1. I have to confess, I have a contact high up in Hethel who is kindly keeping me updated 😉
  2. I gather my Plum Crazy 420FE is now in the paint shop, still on track to be completed build by the end of next week 😎
  3. Well, we'll see. My more important priority is getting my 420 FE!
  4. Ordered 19 May or thereabouts - I took over a dealer build slot, but I don't think that counts in the queue until a deposit is put down. That's what the brand new assembly hall is for
  5. Re build slippage, same here. Mine was supposedly around week 27 (first week of July), it is now week 38 (third week of September) 😒
  6. I am told build has now slipped from July to September 😒
  7. I took over a dealer stock Exige 420 Final Edition build slot on 19 May, it was far enough in the system that I just scraped in with a spec change to my spec, and it is scheduled for imminent build. As I want it for a second/fun car, I don't believe I made the wrong decision. In fact, as it will be a long term keeper, I believe I made exactly the right decision! 😁 The Emira will no doubt be a great car, and is exactly what Lotus needs to build to up sales to where they need to be, but it isn't what I want.
  8. I took over a dealer stock build slot for a 420 FE on 21 May, and they managed to get the build changed to my spec, including a special order paint colour, Plum Crazy Allegedly first week of July delivery
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