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  1. This is my first time on here in 12 years. Reading drunken ramblings used to be one of my favorite past times. I'm very glad to see it still exist, and the same crew is manning the helm. This particular thread was my favorite to read. Great philosophical debates were settled right here on this very thread. I have been repairing European cars in the shop I opened 15 years ago, open and closed a night club, divorced, remarried, put a child through grad school and a smattering of things. I sold my Esprit some years back, I had a V8 for a short while, an Elise and an Evora. I have been missing the old Esprit, and thought about the forum. I hope this finds you and yours in good health!
  2. I do have the special wrench, thanks. It was just very tight. Thanks for the info. Clay
  3. Hey Guys, Is the speedometer nut right hand or left hand threads? Thanks, Clay
  4. I will purchase any V8 Esprits with major mechanical failures, engines and/or transmissions. Give me a call 903-831-4170 or email me @[email protected]
  5. First you need to find out if you have an LC or an HC. LC's boost will max out at 8.5 psi, while an HC can take 10 psi. There is a pop off located on the plenum. It should pop off at 15 psi. Its is very easy to hear during full power gear changes. If your pop off is stuck or your waste gate is malfuctioning you could have an over boost situation. This will soon lead to a engine rebuild situation. That will lead to a wallet collaspe situation. Cheers Clay
  6. Stupid question, but are you making boost? If you lean the carbs and it runs better, then you may need more air. You could also have an advance problem, mechanical and or vacuum. Did you check fuel pressure while running under load? cheers clay
  7. Wow, nice sled. Very nice. How fast does the speedometer say? Great lotus question. Cheers Clay
  8. The carbed turbos have what is termed a "pop off valve". When the plenum recieves a pressure spike, like in a gear shift, it releases the excess pressure. Where as a BOV releases pressure reguardless of the pressure level. The TE is set to pop off at 15psi. The spike is addressed by the ecu in the fuel injected cars. I beleive a BOV is a good idea on turbo cars to ease the strain on the vanes. I do also believe, because of the sound of the BOV, the boy racer types make it a little cheesy to have one. However the recirculating type make little to no noise. Cheers Clay
  9. I believe the effect of innercooling, and/or water methanol injection, prevents pre-detonation (pinging). Which in turn prevents the pistons from being beat to death. In the US, where cast iron heads are still used, compression levels must be kept low because iron will retain heat and cause detonation. Aluminum will transfer heat much faster and allow higher compression. The LC head, as I understand , is not cast properly to cool number 4. The add on cooling mod really only effectively cools the LC condition, and does not uprate the head to HC. I have no personal experience with this, it is just my understanding. Simon, Im with you all the way brother. Poor the coal to it, and lets see what is what. Cheers Clay
  10. I like Redline 20w50 and Redilne MT 90 and K&N filters. There is a oil level plug on the side of the transmission ans a fill plug on top. Cheers Clay
  11. I would give you twice that dave Cheers Clay
  12. Sorry Simon but you really need that HC head to run more boost. The cooling in you LC can't deal with the extra heat and you would end up just pinging number four to death. With that said, you could put a methanol/water injection on it and increase boost. But that may be more than you want to deal with. Better stay with 8.5. Cheers Clay
  13. Al Gore took the word gullible out of the dictionary, so please don't use it anymore. No really. Cheers Clay
  14. I saw it and thought it was just another altered esprit. But this is a real model? It is rough and would need a full restoration. I think it will go cheap. They may be baiting a little with " ran before wreck, prob electrical, and in the trunk, in a box with a switch........". I thought about giving a low bid, but I dont need a project. Clay
  15. I would have to say no. That does not look to be original. Though I have seen an original Elvis oil painting on the same material that was used to redo that interior. Best I can tell the steering wheel is original and the seat belt buckle and the door light switch. Cheers Clay
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