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  1. Hi, I recently posted a question asking about the pin out on the s1/s2 dash ( pre-CAN ). I imagine you may be able to help me with this? A pin description would be fantastic - I really dont fancy reverse engineering these...! Specifically I woulod like to know the wire for revs ( pwm? ), oil pressure, and temperature ( analogue? ). Many thanks if can help. Cheers, Matt
  2. Hi, So does anyone know anything about the large connector to the Elise dash console? Specifically I'm looking for the revs ( PWM? ), temperature ( analogue? 0 - 12V?) and oil pressure (?) if anyone knows these. If I have to reverse engineer this I will report back, though really hoping I dont have to! Cheers, Matt
  3. Hi, I don't suppose you could help me with pin out details for the rover s2 dash header (as shown above). (e.g revs, petrol, etc) I'm trying to make a logger. Are they PWM or analogue? Any help would be appreciated. I don't know anywhere else to ask.. Thanks in advance.. Matt
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