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  1. I have a winter shopping list... - cup 2 tyres on lightweight wheels for trackdays -komotec power upgrade or DIY 350 to 400ish... - suspension secrets tuning and coiloverss.. what ones to go for ? -scoth harnesses and bar - cup holder.. done - soft top roof - hellslow mirrors... when next in stock - digital dash is it worth it functionality etc? Any advice or people selling any items please let me know 👌👌
  2. Went there this evening for my first ever trackday.. have 2 more booked in August.. definitely did the right thing.. 💛🤙
  3. Well it is an icy colour but I honestly think one of the best daily drivers out there for under 40k.. 💛💙
  4. Just glided around as you do at dunstable downs 😬😬 ..nah many years of photography and driving skills.. from the meet at North weald today 👌
  5. Thanks, and yes done them at a few events over the years. It's just of my Samsung s21 ultra.. and having them posed 😬 check out more on my Instagram @G10CYA
  6. Cheers for today guys nice to meet and speak with you! 💛
  7. So im the proud owner of a 2017 lotus exige and a 2018 bmw f31 335d. Find me on Instagram @G10CYA.
  8. I got my lotus recently to and in harpenden herts happy to meet up hit me up on @g10cya on Instagram.
  9. Cheers Chris appreciated. Also can any one recommend any local specialists to Harpenden incase work needs doing/when I need to get it serviced..?
  10. Cheers this is the car.. literally brought it blind and will be with me in a few days💛
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