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  1. I have owned a Cayman GTS (driven a GT4)…manual and in almost every single measurable way is a better car than an Evora and I have no doubt the the Emira will also be better , given the investment its had. It will need to sell in volume, which for the long term health of Lotus we should all wish for. However the Evora has been developed by real enthusiast over 10 years and when you drive the latest Evora you can feel that. It is this that you are buying…that feeling, the way it drives…find me one report by a professional that does not reflect this. It is the feeling why I just bought a GT410 Sport… the last true analog car in my mind (and maybe an investment?). For reference I also have a convertible i8 which is one of the first digital cars…also very special in a different way.
  2. The Emira has to be a volume car for Lotus to succeed, so it won’t be an Evora for sure. I was willing to take the bet that the 410’s will hold there value at least, being the last of its kind. I was at the bottom of the price list suggested, but that was no trade in, so let’s hope it holds....more importantly what a car😀
  3. Just bought the Purple GT410 Sport from Hendy. Great specification and love the colour. Looks much brighter in real life.
  4. I am hesitating partly because its probably worth waiting to see what the pricing will be, but also frankly what the car will be like in terms of look and feel. For sure it won’t be an Evora. It will probably be better in most measurable ways, but I very much doubt it will feel as good. A bit like old vantage new you want something raw with soul or more refined with tech. Personally I have the i8 for refinement and tech, so will probably go with latest Evora....but I do have that voice in my ear saying “ just wait and see first”
  5. That’s the one I have been looking at with the seat options I mentioned. Keep going hot and cold about it but seems good value. a question. I understand the different body work, interior trim etc between the 410 sport (this has all the deleted items added back in) and the GT410 sport, but what if any is the difference under the skin between them as this is harder to find out.
  6. I went into see Jamie (very helpful) at Hendy yesterday. I understand it will be the first new showroom standard format for Lotus in the UK. The Green GT410 with the Tan interior is perfect and would love that one. He sent me a video to tempt me, but it’s to much, but did get me more focused on the GT410.
  7. Just asking laddies... Can alway go up to 10,200 miles😀 all that carbon. Was looking at the Carbon grey 410 sport (with all options added back in) on piston heads, which has the option of the standard 410 carbon sport seats or the 400 seats for comfort, but these are not colour matched. However did speak with a local company who can modify them, by re-stitching and adding in a panel so the colours match. I was just not sure about the carbon grey colour of the 410 sport, hence my previous question about a GT410 in a bright colour.
  8. Hi, all, New to Lotus. At present run a pair of BMW’’s, an i8 and i3 but with a background in Alfa’s. Always wanted a Lotus and did test drive a 2014 Evora S and a 2016 Evora 400 4 years ago. Loved both but the 400 was a step change. I will be keeping the BMW’s but want something different to go with the i8, so I’m looking for an Evora GT410 or GT410 Sport in a bright colour, red, orange, yellow, blue etc.. or that lovely dark green. I have up to £65k cash waiting for a car below 10,000 miles. Appreciate what is available is out of this range, but thought it worth asking if anyone wants to sell rather than trade.
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