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  1. OakMan

    TLF GT430 Club

    Marvellous, yes I’ve obviously seen the launch car, since I started looking at and for one. You look like me to be a long time Lotus enthusiast and owner - mind you I have strayed to the dark side and have a Porsche 993 4S, more a true GT than the Lotus’s. I may be selling the Porsche as I can’t easily garage 4 cars !
  2. OakMan

    TLF GT430 Club

    Hi Andy, Thanks for replying, it's interesting to know. Was yours at Lotus Silverstone as well, which colour did you select ? Regards, Paul
  3. OakMan

    TLF GT430 Club

    To add to the above information and introduce myself as the new owner of the first Essex Blue car on the list, purchased from fellow Forum member Mark Allin. A super chap and absolute pleasure to buy the car from, I feel very privileged and proud to be the new custodian. Car number 1 on the list has the dark carbon/polcarbonate rear 1/4 lights, the seats are the thin carbon fibre buckets in black leather/ charcoal Alcantara (I'm not sure if these are the so called Cup or Sparco seats) - hoping someone here can advise me? I'm waiting on a Certificate from Lotus. Rest of the options are aircon, Alpine Nav unit + Sub, cabin sound deadening. Exhaust button enabled and a titanium harness bar with driver harness also fitted - Mark used the car at Spa, Nurburgring and Portimao circuits - I can safely say its run in !
  4. OakMan

    TLF GT430 Club

    I wonder if the other factor is that they were a very high price for Lotus when announced - pitched squarely at Porsche GT3 money - regardless of how many people are actually able to buy a GT3 new from Porsche dealerships. I accept the spec on the GT430 was expensive, with the extra bespoke carbon panels, Ohlins / Eibach suspension, AP J brakes and the titanium exhaust. Plus the tweaks to more bhp. im with the current thinking here that they present better value at the prices mentioned - particularly with the Emira being launched. Lotus can address some of the minor criticisms of Emira around its weight, by doing a Porsche by charging more for less - in a truer Lotus sense by ‘adding lightness’ with carbon panels, non electric sports seats, lighter sports suspension, titanium exhaust, lighter wheels etc. They might just get one down to Evora GT430 weight. How much is one of those going to cost ???
  5. OakMan

    TLF GT430 Club

    It could look stunning - if photographed properly. At the price of all expensive cars it’s worth getting a pro in to do them. PS. I’m not a pro photographer but do have a studio for my own business things. It makes a heck of a difference to selling, having good photos. Even their own garage forecourt in passable weather would provide better pictures, not doing themselves or the owner (if they’re brokering the sale) any favours. EG. My Elan outside the Mill side entrance where my studio is. It's a phone pic too !
  6. OakMan

    TLF GT430 Club

    Pictures are now on Pistonheads of the GT430. Trying to sell a car at £95,000 and they’re poor phone photos that don’t even show the colour (accepting its metallic grey)
  7. Hello,

    New member here but not to Lotus, owned them concurrently since 1984, mostly classic ones.  Enjoy driving them more than primping them 😁


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