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  1. Nightmare James DG, hard luck, around here in Somerset a group of youngsters have taken to kicking wing mirrors off of rows of parked cars at night, and even police cars that have attended get the same treatment, some of today's youth have had zero discipline in their lives.
  2. Thanks for the mention ramjet, I'm actually beginning to bond with my 410 now and starting to love it, just need some more sunny days as it's rained pretty much every day since I've owned it!
  3. I think the Elise and Exige markets look very strong for the future, obviously with no more being made and the fact that they sit in such a unique place for those that love raw fun hardcore cars, and track days if that's your thing. At the moment it's all about the buzz and excitement of the new Emira, so perhaps there could be a lull in Exige prices nearer the end of the year as winter sets in? Not sure, but I think the lull will be short lived and prices will boom in a couple of years time as they become very difficult to get your hands on.
  4. Hey Videojack, I guess there's nothing wrong with a tracked car but when I bought one I was looking for one that had had an easy life. I bought a 69 plate 410 a little over 2 weeks ago and would sell it now for the same money if you are interested? It's had one pensioner owner before me, never been on track, 5.5k miles, brakes are as new, let me know if interested. It's a beautiful car, just a little too hardcore for me and I'm thinking of going back to a GT already lol, possibly a Lexus LC500 V8.
  5. Thanks for reply Arun, I just think from standing and looking at the side of the car the front tyres look very chunky compared to the rears, and dropping to a 40 profile from 45 would reduce it about 10mm which would still look slightly bigger sidewall than the rears but look much more matched. i think the handling would be insignificant, but that said logically a shorter side wall will have less twist and bounce so steering should feel sharper and respond better. Would love to know if anyone has tried it, but as you say if Cup's don't even come in that size it's a bit of a non starter I guess.
  6. I've noticed the side profile of the front tyres is very big compared to the rears, 285/30x18 rear, 215/45x17 front. Just wondering why Lotus chose such a large front tyre sidewall? Has anyone tried 215/40x17's on the front? My guess is they would look better and handle better? Any opinions? Thanks!
  7. About a month ago I nearly bought a 380 sport too, same price, could be the same car. I did some more last minute research and decided to go for a 410. I don't do track days, but my reasons being I wanted the charge cooler, uprated clutch, 3 way Nitron suspension, plus I love the 410 carbon fibre engine cover panel, and a few other little things like J hook brakes and Cup2 tyres which stick like bubble gum. I think the 410 is the sweet spot.
  8. DrBru, maintenance isn't that high on Gtr's. All mine had a 3 year service pack, then after that services are 12 mnths/9k miles and very reasonably priced at one of the main aftermarket tuners, Lichfield, AC Speedtech, Kaizer etc. They also have an annual optimisation service, which is geometry, clutch learn, intake balance, and this is free for the first 3 years at all Nissan NHPC's. The expensive items are tyres and brakes discs, but you'll get 10k miles form a set of tyres and 30k from front discs / 50k from rear discs. If you don't plan any track days nothing will be expensive and reliability is second to none. If you do plan track days, the engine and gearbox oils get very hot and need replacing to maintain the warranty. You should take one for a spin, I think you'll love it. ... the performance for a big heavy car is unbelievable, and absolutely effortless, it was in a different league when it came out but other stuff has caught up now, hence why I needed a stage 4 to keep them at bay
  9. Thought some of you may like watching this, sorry it's entirely in German and I don't understand a word, but found the video awesome to watch. There's an Exige modified to just under 500 bhp with DCT and flappy paddles. A new Supra running just under 750 bhp and an M3 running just under 650 bhp. Then a few challenges including a drag race off the line, noise comparison and some drifting round a circuit. I hope the new Emira is going to have this kind of power, what a machine that would be...
  10. Speaking of values, GT-R's are on the rise, I sold my 16 plate 10 days ago for 5k more than I could have sold it for a year ago. The Exige 410 is the sweet spot for me. There were two under 70k that I was interested in, I know one sold today for asking price. I think if the Emira doesn't live up to expectations when we find out what it's all about next month, the Exige range will hold up very strong over the coming years. On the other hand, if the Emira is a beautiful, 500bhp, dct, 1100kg car, I'll be putting my name down. Exige prices will then likely fall but not drastically I guess.
  11. It's only done 5k miles, one pensioner owner, just been bimbled about, discs and pads are like new still at 5k miles. Lovely condition, just very surprising that wheels can corrode so quickly. All being sorted now, dealer is fully stripping and refurbing them and promised they'll be good as new.
  12. Anyone know if this is normal for a 20 month old Exige?
  13. Hey Greg, looks like it's around the centre cap a bit too. And the bottom of the caliper or that could be oil?
  14. I've had 4 over 9 years, covered over 100k miles. They are completely effortless to drive, so much torque, and the DCT is heaven, but over the years other manufacturers have caught up, back in 2008 it was quite something. I guess on a Lotus forum most people won't like a DCT car, but to me the downshifts are amazing and make the car. Main thing is you do feel the weight, although it hides it well, braking hard several times in row and you feel like you're trying to stop 1 and 3/4 tons. My last one was a 2016 model, and I had a Lichfield stage 4 up to 650 bhp, which really is quite savage and great fun. The Exige 410 will feel a little flat by comparison, but much more fun at the same time. The Gtr is a bit too good at everything (except braking hard on track) and lacks a sense of occasion. If you step out of an Exige and back into a Gtr it feels like the seating position of a normal family car. Something to bear in mind which many owners don't even realise, is that the facelift Gtr came out on a 66 plate and has ASE (active sound enhancement) which plays trumpet like noises through the Bose speakers. You can't turn it off by any controls, but can by entering a code to access the service menu. Then the car is too quiet. Gtr's need an aftermarket exhaust to make a decent sound, most fit a Y pipe at least. Tyres last about 9k miles, brakes are very expensive but front discs last about 25k miles normal road use (Nissan quote 3.2k for front discs) nobody buys them of course. Nissan charge around £165 per hour for servicing. They are great cars but I became bored of driving them, hence why I'm here.
  15. Hi all. Have never owned a Lotus before so have been reading lots of threads for a while and it's helped me in making a decision on which model to buy. I've had GT-R's for the last 9 years and have become bored driving them so needed a change. Decided to go for an Exige 410. Was due to collect on Weds but they've just hit me in the twelfth hour that collection needs to be postponed for another week, frustrating. They have discovered that the front wheels have corrosion around the bolt holes and bubbling in the black paint. Amazes me that dealers can have a car for sale and have plenty of time to do the necessary work, but only decide to do it 2 days before collection was due. Just wondered if this corrosion is considered normal and acceptable on less than a 2 year old car? It does kind of put me off that elements of a new car can rust and corrode that quick. Also some rusty looking patches on the wishbones looking at underneath photo's of the car, is that normal? Any opinions much appreciated. I can either cancel the deal or wait another week and have repainted front wheels which isn't ideal, I would prefer non rusty new wheels not repaired ones. Made me wonder, are there any other potential issues I should be checking? Thanks, Trev.
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