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  1. Purchased a Lotus Elise 2005 and been doing the maintenance on it. Last night I tackled a transmission fluid change due to the fact I had to change the transmission cooler lines on it. Purchase 3 quarts of Motul 300V 75w90. Based upon my research, a full drain will take 3 quarts back in the transmission. Drained all of the fluid, and tilted the vehicle back and to the left to fully drain anything I could get out of it. I then placed the car level on the ground and filled the transmission with 3 full quarts of the fluid with a handheld pump squeezing the oil in. Car took the entire 3 quarts, but when I took out the hand pump, it was draining oil from the fill port. I immediately put a finger on the port and put the AN fitting back on it. Did I fill too much oil? If so, should I keep the car level and open the fill port and let it drain until it stops? I'm a handy person, but confused which direction to go.
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