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  1. Yea the green looks absolutely bitchin', haha. It really shows off the lines superb
  2. Sheesh the configurator does a much better job selling me on the car!!
  3. I couldn't agree more! I'm no professional but I feel the Evija front just doesn't work well with the proportions of the Emira. On the Evija it benefits from being very wide and the lower design creates more aggression. This seem to be some weird mix between that and an Elise and it looks way to cute. I will need to see it with some added splitters, or a more aggressive race version to be in love. The power while I knew would be exactly illustrated is still a major let down. This car at 475hp to 500hp would have been the real deal (GT3 positioning at a lower price point). 400hp on anything costing more than 80k unless you are a Porsche is a hard sell. So I wish them the best on that.. I hope the US gets a special gt430 like version otherwise I don't see the need to upgrade
  4. Porsche could sell a sack of shit and do numbers. Lotus by no means can compare themselves to Porsche in regards to how they plan to benchmark their cars. Porsche has some wizardry hold over people when it comes to selling them cars and those people swear by it. If Lotus wants to pull from that market they need to do better than Porsche. Which means equal utilities/options and more power/driving dynamics. Also Murray is an anomaly and is by no means the average buyer so his opinion sadly is irrelevant to the masses. Their target market is America and their target audience will be the why would I buy a Lotus over a C8 corvette. The C8 has DCT and 480 hp in its base trim. A Lotus can not offer less for more money and expect to sell numbers (its just how the game goes). I too don't believe hp is everything which is why I bought a Evora myself but I understand where its hard to convince people otherwise. The previous Evora had 430hp max they must out do that for sure and please offer a better transmission pairing or best of luck to them. Thanks, I'm just a novice and work has completely taken over from my ability to produce content but I appreciate the kind regards!
  5. I couldn't agree more! I get that they are sourcing their engines from other OEMs so that would most likely explain the engine/transmission combinations but from what I'm hearing are the pairings/horsepower figures seems like a quick way to shoot yourself in the foot on gaining the sales figures they want. It's 2021, why exactly do these vehicles have the same HP figures as 10 years ago? I know power isn't everything but power figures sell sadly and nobody really wants a sub 500 sportscar today. They had an opportunity to bring out an Evora replacement with 500 to 550 horsepower paired with a solid manual and a DCT but decided to give us the exact same engine/transmission option again. (doesn't make much sense other than knowing about cost). Then there is the I4 which is a tad over 200hp, another silly mistake. The I4 turbo should not be below 350hp if I'm being honest but will see how the sales go. I'm just no convinced current figures are going to woo over new buyers. Lotus marketing team/customer understanding most have information I don't have.
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