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  1. Thought it must be somewhere up there.. best roads in the UK are in Scotland and Wales.. looking forward to a trip up there at some point..
  2. where was that picture taken by the way? Stunning scenery and I bet some awesome roads..
  3. I recommend taking it off and on for the first time when you have plenty of time as it’s a bit tricky at first.. after that it’s pretty quick and easy..
  4. Very nice! Colour looks incredible..
  5. Thanks! Which Exige did you go for?
  6. Apologies for the late introduction.. I'm John, currently living in London but about to move to Cambridge.. I recently took delivery of an Exige 390 sport Final Edition and am blown away by the car.. It's currently in for its 1000 mile service (at 1400 miles.. apparently up to 1500 is fine! 😅), and they are putting back the switch to keep the exhaust valve open all the time, not just above 4500 rpm.. This actually my third Lotus.. I bought a standard series 2 Elise (from new) back in 2002 and then a 111s series 2 Elise in 2006 (second hand). I didn't test drive any Exiges before buying the 390 because the Elises were so good that I knew it would be a fantastic car and unbelievable handling and of course it absolutely is. I wanted to get back into the Elige platform right at the end because I feel a strong emotional connection with it, having fallen in love with the Elise when it was released back in 1996 (I was 16 and could suddenly actually imagine myself being able to afford a Lotus one day).. The Exige of course backs the great handling up with much more torque and it also sounds amazing for a V6.. Feel free to give me a shout if you're anywhere near Cambridge, cheers!
  7. Wow that is really lucky.. congrats!! and now you’ll have a much rarer car which just makes it all the more special.. my interior colour pack is actually Essex Blue, and yeah I’m really pleased with it..
  8. So you changed your mind and managed to order a 420 after all?
  9. Wow, enjoy! My dealer said they could also do this for my 390 at the first service.. can’t wait.. I’ve had it just over 4,500 a couple of times now and it sounds unreal.. Nice! Also yellow callipers? What interior colour pack did you go for? Got the roof off this weekend (it was a right faff putting it back on but worth it)..
  10. Thanks! Yeah the running in is a bit frustrating to be honest.. I'm flooring it up to 4000 rpm occasionally.. Jamie said after 500 miles you can go up to 4,500 rpm and every 50 miles you can thrash the hell out of it for 1 minute all the way up to the top of the rev limit. I think I might just go for it after 500 miles though to be honest.. If you're gonna wait until Jamie is back it might be best to delay until 1st September when you can get the new 71 plate. Be sure to post pics when you get yours.. Azure blue was my fav when the s1 Elise first came out.. great colour
  11. Here they are The car is incredible, even only revving up to 4000.. can't wait for some good weather to get the roof off too.. I hope you enjoy picking yours up next week!
  12. Bell and Colvill, Surrey.. picking up an Exige 390 sport FE
  13. I’m in exactly the same position. Original delivery date was early June. Very frustrated to be honest as the summer is slipping by and still no car.
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