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  1. 5 inches of rain in 24 hours. Hope it's drier where you are!
  2. Hi: Longtime Porsche owner happy to have a new Evora. I knew the Emira was coming but didn't care. Maybe in a couple of years if they produce a special edition I'll trade my Evora but for now I am very happy to have a somewhat analog, modern car with a great chassis and powertrain.
  3. Everyone seems to love the car, or at least that's what they tell me to my face.
  4. There are always guys on forums who will tell you how you should act and react and behave. They add nothing of value to posts that are otherwise written to information and educate. They are always smarter than we are, always know best, and love to see their comment count tick upward, whilst contributing nothing but worthless chatter. Simon, thanks for your comments on the issue I had with my car, I sincerely appreciate it.
  5. Sorry about the delayed response: Yes I replaced the original PPP battery after discussing the issue with the dealer who said the batteries are poor quality. That didn't matter as the video shows. Simon your experience tracks with mine. Most likely the same person at the factory touched our cars and is completely clueless as to how the 200 Amp in-line fuse is to be installed properly. The money and anxiety that person has cost many of us is unforgivable.
  6. In less than 200 miles of driving my new 2021Lotus Evora GT, delivered with 2 miles on the odometer, failed to start 3x and lost power at lease 4x. It wasn't the battery. It was a massive error at the factory according to all information I have gathered. The same issue has happened to other 2021 Evora owners. Should Lotus issue a recall to inspect if other cars were touched by the same incompetent person? I think so. This is a 200 amp fuse that is installed inline on the positive battery cable that feeds the 2 fuse blocks in the vehicle. I have also p[osted this on Lotustalk. I hope this helps someone with the same problem.
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