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  1. Got the opportunity to buy a 2019 Exige410 that's owned by a semi pro driver and been heavily tracked. Its got 12k proper track KMs, hit every curb, redlined where appropriate etc on GP circuits. Offered 20% off what a new car sells for and a year of warranty. I've already got a track car that laps 3 secs quicker than an exige410, but wanted to shift to tracking an exige primarily and turn the other one into a semi daily. Any opinions? Should I pony up for a new car or save myself the depreciation? I doubt a perfect babied used exige is going to show up anytime soon, but if the shocks, bushings, supercharger or anything is going to wear out on this car it's going to happen after the warranty period's over. The Emira is also a long way off.
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