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  1. Am I missing something? The Emira is around 1450kgs isn't it?
  2. Eh? No it isn't you can measure it! You're comparing the Emira's figures with those of other cars, so it's clearly an objective measurement you're using. Odd use of the word subjective, do you mean relative (i.e. relative to other cars or what you're used to)?
  3. The Emira driving experiences are now on the Thruxton web site... £275 for 3 laps in a Cayman and 4 laps in the Emira. I like Thruxton a lot, having driven there a number of times, but to be honest you'd get better value at the Lotus Acadamy (not a sentence you see very often!) - I paid £180 for 2 sessions at Hethel (both in an Emira obviously) 3 laps in the first session (the instructor drives first so you know which way the track goes), then 5 laps in the second. Compared to other experiences at Thruxton, this seems expensive - I paid £279 for a similar number of laps in a Cayman/Mclaren.
  4. There's a maintenance book on that link which includes space for service history with dealer stamps etc. But don't the facts stand in the way of a good rant.
  5. Not sure that's so: Introduction to sports cars - Lotus Cars Official Website - For the Drivers
  6. Ummm... No. 1 spot is the BMW M Sport wheel as fitted to my current car... and I quite like it and certainly don't find it 'too thick and squidgy' and I have far from large hands. So an amusing but not all that factual or useful appraisal... much like the rest of Top Gear in fact.
  7. Timbo999

    Lotus Emira

    not on the version I see...?
  8. Not on the version I can see?
  9. Interesting fact about Maclaren (as opposed to Mclaren) its named after the chap who designed the self centering jockey wheel on the nose of the Spitfire (plane not sports car...) and is still evident on the front of their baby buggies to this day. Worth noting that you can get a spanking new Alpine for (just!!) under £50k and Martin's in Winchester have new cars in stock or in the pipeline. I've driven an Alpine on track and its lovely and probably even better on the road. One thing that I guarantee will annoy you is that the paddles are fixed but are too small/short so changing gear in anything other than straight ahead means taking your hand off the wheel and scrabbling for the paddle. I'd still have an Emira though...
  10. Who you calling middle aged!?! I'm old, grumpy and proud of it...
  11. And if you buy an one with an AMG engine (as I am) there are, presumably, NO interchangeable parts...
  12. Couldn't sleep so was surfing Discovery+ and found a film called 'Radford Returns'. Loads of Lotus content as you'd expect and lots of references to "Lotus' new platform" which they refer to as Exige but could be Emira (better men than I, gunga, can probably tell!). Some glimpses of Emira behind Russell Carr... there may be more as I've only watched the first 30 minutes and its 2 hours long. This may be old news, but it was only posted on Discovery plus on 27 Jan.
  13. I may be wrong (often am!), but I reckon that is what Nimbus Grey will look like or close enough. The launch grey was Shadow Grey and Nimbus was described to me by the lady on the stand at Goodwood as 'metallic, almost silvery with sparkly flecks'. Here's hoping.
  14. I took delivery of my S2 Elise 5 months after they were announced (May '01) - it was probably the most reliable car I've ever owned and that included several thousand miles on track. More reliable than the Merc, BMW and VW I've owned as everyday cars.
  15. Channel 4 Saturday 17.45 - ‘Lotus the New Dawn Documentary, new investor and MD set out to build the first new Lotus road car in a decade’
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