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  1. I pulled up behind an AMG C-coupe at a red light in my Evora GT. Then their rear logo tilted up - they were checking out the Evora in their rear camera 😀 After the light changed they drove really slowly in front of us trying to get a cell-cam shot.
  2. Thanks for the extensive writeup! A useful feature of the Evora is that you can get sport mode but independently toggle the exhaust sound. Will the Emira have that as well?
  3. So that's only about an 8-9" deep shelf behind then? That's a significant loss of space vs the Evora. 🙁
  4. It seems like all but the yellow are metallic. Can someone who's seen them in person please confirm?
  5. I got an Evora GT this summer when I put down my Emira deposit. At the time I was hedging my bet on the Emira behind-seat space. So far it seems like it's nowhere near the Evora's. Now as we see more pics of the Emira interior and more specs, there's little tempting me away from the pure analog experience of the Evora. There's a greater than 75% chance the Evora is what I'll keep.
  6. I picked up an Evora GT to tide me over until the Emira (I'm on the list), and in case the behind-seat storage of the Emira is insufficient for my dog. I agree, the Evora is feeling more and more like the keeper. I love the analog feel and am not wanting for creature comforts. The drive is amazing. The dog loves it. I certainly prefer the interior/seats and 2+2 over what I've seen of the Emira. The Emira seems to represent a lot more risk given the novelty/tech vs the known quantity of the Evora.
  7. I got my 2021 Evora GT today, my first Lotus! Essex Blue:
  8. If I had to guess which engine costs Lotus more, I'd guess the AMG. If they consider the fancy DCT a value-add, and eventually it will pass the V6 in HP (and long-term availability) it makes sense that the AMG may be the premium option, at least at some power levels.
  9. A survey on lotustalk shows US orders going for the V6/manual 11:2 over I4/DCT, so far.
  10. Pics/measurements (depth) of the space behind the seats would be much appreciated. I don't mind it not being 2+2, but I need 2+0 -like storage
  11. Thanks! Yes - definitely going with the V6/manual. I've always driven a manual and for me the Emira hopefully captures the end of this era well enough to keep me entertained until they force us off the road (or Lotus (re)defines the EV sports car). Still fiddling with the few current options on the configurator - leaning green/tan without the black pack. I hope one of the seat options is decently bolstered or can be adjusted to be so. Jenson Button seemed to be flying around the cabin on his test drive
  12. richhickey


    Hello from Westchester NY! I've been lurking for a while, researching the Evora GT. Took a drive and it was fantastic. Waited for the Emira launch and that looks like a better fit - my deposit is down! Hopefully the Evora is a reasonable proxy for the Emira +/- 10% or so. In any case, these are the first cars to make me consider kicking my beloved FR-S out of the garage. I'm very excited to join the Lotus family and learn more. Rich
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