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  1. Keep waving at Stewart like a mad man, but only seen him once whilst driving the exige No not on that WhatsApp, Sounds like a useful group
  2. Yes having half a thought of a komotec upgrade and some stiffer nitrons ... But then think it will ruin the car for the road, as you CAN have too much power and the way it currently tackles bumpy b roads is sublime ... Wouldn't want to loose that Thanks for the comment 🙂
  3. Keep seeing an orange Exige on Froster hill / Stroud direction, if it's anyone here say hello
  4. Hi all Just to say hello Had a blue Exige 350 for a year and enjoying adventures.. and adding miles to a previously lightly used car Won't repeat the details, pistonheads thread here
  5. Hi Ramjet Same person, it wouldn't let me in with the first account yes have had a 350 for a year
  6. The shipping is c35% So believe this includes the 20%vat and 3%import tax on carbon fibre Although an online import duty calculator suggests it's 2% from HK
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